Discussion: Cleveland Asks Residents If City Should Be 'Burned Down Like Baltimore' In Epic Twitter Fail

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Is this a trick question?


If you are going to sarcastically ask if an American city should be burned to the ground, it’s the height of irony to then mention Cleveland.

It wasn’t clear who was running the community board’s account, according to Cleveland.com, and a city spokesman did not return a request for comment from the website.

Who the fuck would ask such a horrid and insensitive question? Even if you took it as sarcasm, the question suggests complete ignorance of the problem big cities are facing, reducing it to two solutions…build or burn. Stupid, stupid shit…

Oh, and fire all those assholes and get a new Board of Community Relations. They are totally off-base, incompetent, and apparently don’t know what their job is supposed to be about.


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Yea, like anybody’d notice…

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This definitely sounds like a “fire an intern” moment.

Second, I should think that Cleveland, of all places, wouldn’t want to give anyone any ideas along those lines.

Cleveland, OH = Factory of Sadness

What does it take for these people to wake up and understand?


And yes, if for no other reason, Cleveland should be burned down because Twitter.

Cleveland’s Social Services division, concerned about child welfare, has asked for everyone’s opinion about pedophilia. Vote yay or nay. Those voting yay are asked to send pictures.

My memory of Cleveland, other than some fun baseball games I attended during which I got to watch Jimmy Piersall (former Cleveland Indian) throw epic meltdown fits in the dugout, was watching the Cuyahoga River go up in flames. I’m glad my family moved.

Some [undeserved] Cleveland jokes just write themselves.

Cleveland is no different than any other American city. Asking if Cleveland should be burned down is essentially asking if all large-scale American cities should be burned to the ground.

Who would ask a question like that? What purpose could it possibly serve?