Discussion: Christine Blasey Ford Is Still Receiving Threats, Harassment

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This makes me sick. While Kavanaugh is reveling in his power, without a care in the world about the safety of his family, and never having to worry about money or anything else. She will never have security or peace of mind again - ever. This is how the country repays a courageous person in 2018.


“Blasey Ford said last month that the severity of the harassment has forced her to move four times and retain private security.”

Yeah, whatever.

We all know that Kavanaugh is the true victim here.

Grassley, Graham, and all those other men told us so!


Bothsiderism requires that we also remember that “What happened to the Kavanaugh family violates every notion of fairness, decency and due process.” Dr. Ford receives death threats, has been forced to move four times and retain private security. Kavanaugh had to forgo the tradition of walking down the marble steps in front of the Supreme Court following his formal investiture ceremony, citing security reasons.


When in Trump World and you have been sexually assaulted by a male,there are no men left in the Repub Party,who has power you must learn their rights and you have none.
Trump could call this off but he likes you little women living in fear.

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This is just so unfortunate. I am so sorry this is happening to her. I’m still super grateful for her courage to speak up in the face of overwhelming hatred.

Rachel was right, Dr. Ford KNEW this would happen and yet she had the courage to do it anyway. To honor her courage and sacrifice, and when it’s the right time, we need to impeach Kavanaugh.
Plain and simple. No excuses.


I was just wondering earlier today whether Anita Hill was offering her advice on how to get through this. Of course Professor Hill’s experience was before social media existed to activate dangerous members of a right-wing cult… But few could empathize so fully with the depth of psychological harm caused by such an extreme level of injustice administered by the ol’ boys club.


Well, I’m sure the president* will step up to protect her from his followers…

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That is truly terrible for Ford and her family. And, to be treated as if you were lying about Kav and what you had to say was not helpful was disgraceful. I’ll bet she regrets ever coming forward and now the motto of always, always believe the man is ingrained in us all.

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Just proves that in a great society, there will always be lowlifes looking to boost their egos at others expense.
wow, where did I see that before?
oh, yesterday at dim wits self delusional ego pep rally at the podium thingy.
bigly win stuff. loll

oh well, it was worth it to have a fine, upstanding, young man like Kavanaugh work on making corporations our overlords.

although I do wonder who paid his gambling debts.


you’re right. i forgot. i feel ashamed of myself now

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which is why he defended that poor poor intern after the vicious attack from the hack journalist. although it is odd, considering 45*, why he didn’t speak up for the little dear at the time of this heinous crime…

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Sadly that’s the right wingers for ya.