Discussion: Christie's Lawyers Billed More Than $1 Million In January Alone

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I wonder if he’ll take the Teabagger route and flummox his campaign contributors into paying for it.

Why does he need to? They are billing the state of NJ, not the campaign…so Christie isn’t having to pick up a dime on this…its all courtesy of the taxpayers of NJ.


Was he cleared? How does your own lawyer clear you?


That would be more honorable than saddling NJ taxpayers with his bills.


Christie is showing us all what fiscal responsibility looks like, just like Bush did. When will dems stop accepting the meme that Republicans are the better stewards of balanced budgets when they continue to be flagrantly irresponsible with our tax dollars?


They don’t. They’re referring to that dumb report they put out that “cleared” Christie of any wrongdoing.

As for the taxpayers footing the bill, this is bullshit. You should have to pay for your own representation during corruption investigations.


The same way Bill Clinton claimed self-repentance and absolution of Monica-sin before a room full of clergy, and the same way Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself emperor - sheer chutzpah!

But at least they didn’t saddle taxpayers with the costs; it takes a Jersey guy to poke the public in the eyes with those brassys!

As all of this plays out - the outrageous ethically-bankrupt nature of Chris Christie is becoming more and more plain for everyone to see . Even those who will defend him will, on some level, be absorbing the reality that he continuously operates in a morally corrupt and manipulative manner and is fundamentally not trustworthy. He will turn the “public good” on its head in order to gain a personal advantage.


Remember his mufti-million dollar ad campaign“We are stronger then storm,” bragging about his great response to the Hurricane Sandy disaster.

Meanwhile he was playing crony politics with the relief money the whole time and none of the victims ever received a penny
of it.

What a piece of work that asshole is. If I where a New Jersey
tax payer I would be feeling like the biggest sucker in the world right now


This, of course, is the Republican way. Siphon off profits to the private sector and bill the tax payers for the mess.


Another example of “takers” of corporate welfare at taxpayer expense.


OK, two things I noticed from this article…

Basically it took a little over 2 weeks to employ 38 people at a little over a million dollars to run copy machines in which none of the supporting paperwork was submitted to the committee when their actual report was turned in. Was the excuse that it was a proprietary information? Even their supposed “work product” should be turned in, since its the basis for all their shoddy conclusions. Besides, I’m pretty sure the State of NJ owns that shitload of paperwork…and the Taxpayers paid for that glorified Kinkos operation.

And secondly, if the volume of work and related costs far exceeded what was originally anticipated, this law firm is saying that’s the reason why they lowered their costs, not increased them? That just doesn’t make logical sense on its face. They act like they were doing someone a favor or something. And that favor was…wait for it…Christ Christie! Neutral investigation huh? Riiiight…and I got a bridge to sell.


Sorry this isn’t about Benghazi not reading it.


3000 hours in an 18 day period? How many Gibson Dunn attorneys were assigned to this matter? Even if 6 attorneys worked all 18 days straight without sleeping, it would be less than 3000 hours.


Governor Hindenburp’s jobs program, everyone!

Oops, 38 attorneys. I guess I should have read that paragraph. Utilizing 38 attorneys for this matter is absolutely absurd.

Scammers scamming scammers.

What’s the problem?

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and the fleecing of the rubes in NJ continues…

Just charging the public for this is enough to kill any future political aspirations.

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