Discussion: Christie Pushes Back Harder On Trump's 9/11 Story: 'That Didn't Happen'

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Derp Fight!

This one has some weight behind it.


Would have been nice to see CC put some passion defending his citizens rather than defending his earlier statement. Trump insulted all NJers and CC is letting him get away with it.


How is Chris Christie running the state of NJ, which is deeply troubled, when he is spending all of his time in NH? New Jerseyans not happy!

How is Trump running Trump Organization LLC in Manhatten when he's flying all over the country solely dedicated to campaigning for President?
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A day late and a dollar short.


Profiles in Courage, he isn’t.

Gov. Christie, please explain why all you GOPers, who are so deeply into magic words when it comes to naming terrorists, can’t seem to muster the strength to whisper the word that perfectly describes Donald Trump: liar.


Q. 1 He’s not.
Q. 2 Bankruptcy lawyers.

He’s trying to win a Republican primary in a very intense xenophobic environment. If you were advising his campaign on how they could win, it’s hard to imagine you could recommend he be more “passionate” in defending minorities so disliked by Republicans – he just said they were blameless.

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Christie knows it didn’t happen because he preemptively kept all those 4-year old Muslim terrorist babies out of New Jersey.

But…but…all your voters think it did!

Understand. But his appeal is supposedly his ‘straight talking’ and toughness. Also I guess he is aiming to the slightly less crazy crowd, but I may be mistaken.

while Democrats are debating what to do about income inequality and ISIS, Republicans are debating over whether Trump’s made-up “facts” are, in fact, made up.


While I think Christie is an odious criminal prick, I have to give him some minor props for calling Trump out on this.


Orange bully slaps fat bully. Fat bully finds someone he can’t bully and pretends he’s OK with that.

Donald J. Trump

How is Chris Christie running the state of NJ, which is deeply troubled, when he is spending all of his time in NH? New Jerseyans not happy!

Note to Donald: Christie is running for a new job. AND he understands how to use a phone to conduct his day job. Not that I approve of GOPers ya see but hey, Has THE DONALD ever held an actual job in which he worked for someone else besides himself? I don’t think so. Therefore Donald, you have no understanding of employment how to do a job, or even what elective office is or how to go about getting elected. As many a republican would shout at young folk back in the day…“Get a job!!”


So typical TPM headlline aside, I’m going to “push back” that there is any actual “push back” happening here at all, much less push back “harder”. Christie has been trying to avoid talking about this or Trump or anything besides “Obama Sucks” for a while now. It’s only that the amount of derp reaching critical mass has alerted a few reporters that they may be on the wrong side of the whole “lying” thing and so they are pressing Christie to refute this, and he is reluctantly pinching off a tiny bit of reality because to not do so would be stupid. He’s certainly not holding any pressers defending the honor of NJ citizens.

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@Overreach_THIS @squirreltown

Christie and Trump have a very complicated relationship. Trump has casinos in Atlantic City and Christie is not going to damage those businesses and their profits by trashing Trump. So he must tiptoe around the Trump’s craziness.


Everyone is overlooking the fact that Trump is a great constitutionalist! (or at least a great proponent of the Declaration of Independence and its promise of the Pursuit of Happiness).

Almost all his declarations are built around whether a segment of voters are “happy” or “not happy” about something.

Also whether something is good or “not good”. He really does reduce his issues to a simple level of understanding for the limbic brain.

Here’s an example from yesterday:

“Well, I will tell you there is a tremendous group of people that think it’s terrible, all of the videos that they’ve seen with some of these people from Planned Parenthood talking about it like you’re selling parts to a car. I mean, there are a lot of people that are very unhappy about that.”

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It’s called management.

I agree. If there were Muslims dancing in the streets of Jersey City because of 9/11, the rest of the city’s residents would have beaten them up. That’s how Jersey City rolls. And we all would have remembered that.