Discussion: Christie Hires Digital Firm Suggesting Run For President Is Still In The Works

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Doesn’t matter who Christie’s LMFAO PAC hires, he’s still never going to be President.




Is this in fact in writing? when it all crashes down he will say he didn’t know anything about it.
from bridge to nowhere to the blocked up bridge. same difference from same company.
actually it is going to be fun watching him try to bully the other wannabe’s ( maybe 9 ) off the first debate stage.
oh, i made myself smile. lol

I can’t see Christie as anything but joke material. He’s damaged goods on the clearance rack.

Can anyone imagine the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the “digital” firm: “Firm grasp of Photoshopping techniques to eliminate gaffes and double chins.”

Hasn’t this man wasted enough money?

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Why not spend the money in NJ? Just sayin’

He’d be better off hiring a legal firm to keep him out of prison.

He’s still toast…and by now, the bread has gone moldy.

I can’t wait for the feds to take out that trash.

Corrupt POS.

With Christie, always follow the money. He has to appear as a plausible candidate to raise the bucks. Winning, or even running a serious campaign, that would cost money, is not that important. I think Christie is astute enough to know he won’t win the GOP nomination.

The Republican hopefuls, being the scuzz buckets that they are, are going to tear each other apart. Christie and Paul have already been feuding for years, they all hate Cruz, Walker is ripe and Bush is a Bush. The other dopes will get teabagged and the Faux treatment early and often.

PR firms aren’t ready for the Cruzinator.