Discussion: Chris Hayes Gives Conservatives Another Reason To Hate Soccer (VIDEO)

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It goes to something that I’ve always believed: I don’t think that America is certain to be great, just because. I want America to be great – to walk its talk.

In other words: greatness is not inherited or predestined. It is earned, and it can be lost. That we could lose our greatness ought to be something that does not inspire fear or loathing, but challenges us to be better, and get even better than that.


It’s like soccer is the Untied Nations of the sports world.

It’s got to be some kind of socialist conspiracy to take everyone’s guns away, and force people to wipe their asses,and wash their hands after taking a shit.


Add the June 2014 jobs report to Obama’s hate list.


Most other countries are “all in” with soccer all the time. Americans, not so much. No surprise that support can come across as half-hearted.
Another thing, which Rachel pointed out yesterday, was how bad American players are at acting like they were seriously hurt. Basically, if you can’t unabashedly lie, you can’t fool the refs into awarding unwarranted penalties that could give your team an advantage.
And while everyone knows there’s probably a snake in every boot, the American brand says we don’t lie. At least not when playing soccer.

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Hayes was overthinking the issue a little bit, but at least he thought about it. That is more than I can say about Erickson.

I have truly enjoyed this World Cup. The difference between the top teams and the rest is not nearly as great as it was a few cups ago. All of the games have been terrific. I just wish FIFA would do something to stop deliberate diving. The Mexicans were robbed.


All the flopping liars are already in the NBA.


American exceptionalism would be if we bombed the rest of the soccer teams and declared ourselves the winners.


Considering the obscene public subsidies (welfare) provided to professional football, basketball, and baseball in the US why would any conservatives give a rip about the US not coming in first place in World Cup soccer? In most of these countries, football is the only way for the most athletically talented kids to get out of poverty, just like professional sports remain here in the US.


Chris Hayes’ statement regarding the lack of US dominance in the World Cup is as trite as Ann Coulters’ remarks about US decay due to more Americans embracing soccer.

Not even close. The US has never been a dominant power in World Cup soccer. So his statement is entirely based in fact. Coulter’s statements were based in nothing but silly hatred for what she doesn’t understand.


And American kids move to Europe and play in those leagues for major bucks, too.

The problem is that football, baseball, basketball…and to a lesser degree hockey, have so saturated that market, that it is nearly impossible to see soccer ever becoming as big in the USA as it is elsewhere. There just aren’t enough cycles or money.

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Its been a great WC so far. Lots of very exciting games. And yesterday’s match was no different.

But we were badly outclassed at the individual level in that game. I just wish we had been a bit more aggressive during regular time.

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I understand the CIA is working on it.

But America maintains its exceptionalism by holding world championships (like the World Series) where only American teams are allowed to participate. Where I come from, American exceptionalism is just another term for chutzpah.

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Adding your post to the “Trolls Being Trolls” list.

Erikson attempting to clear the ball has it glance off the side of his boot.


That gave me a laugh, trying to picture chubby Erikson playing soccer. Thank you

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Chris should next set his sights on the NFL. It’s an enormously successful wealth-sharing collective that requires its most skilled employees to act in close harmony with each other to succeed. There even exists a team that is owned and run by its municipality.
That’s real American Exceptionalism.

That’s why there’s American style football. Have to be dominant and then brag about others taking it up. Which seems pretty silly, given how the sport is slowing starting to die due to risk of brain injury (not that soccer is less brain risky for kids).

No it’s not, you dolt!