Discussion: Chris Christie Skewers Cruz For 'New York Values' Comment

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Can’t stand Christie, but this was a well-landed series of punches.

The catch, of course, is that the G.O.P. base is completely immune to hypocrisy.


Of course Christie sticks up for New York, it has the best pizza in the country!

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Oh for fuck’s sake, Cruz went to Princeton and married a woman who is a Goldman exec. He is “New York” values through and through.


Can we get Christie and Cruz in a Jell-O tub wrestling match? The winner has to eat the Jell-O the loser works the cones on the GW bridge for the whole month of February.


The Republican Presidential Nominee Race: A Cavalcade of Hypocrisy!

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they are no more immune to hypocrisy then they are to the GOP politicians acting against the base’s best interest. They are very much effected, they just don’t understand either concept…

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"And for him to somehow be implying that certain values are more appropriate, more American, depending upon what region of the country you’re from, is to me just asinine.” (Gov. Christie w/regards to Sen. Cruz)

This is exactly the game Sarah Palin played: One region of the nation is more “real America than another.”


I am pretty sure this has a very long history, John Kenneth Galbraith wrote amusingly about it in his memoirs “A life ín Our Times”: a real American comes from the country side, not the sinful city… (JKG was Canadian by birth).

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Ted’s unintended point is that he’s the candidate with no values — zero. He’s an utterly amoral operator.


no kidding, worse yet is the parts of the country they hold up as ideal and thus “more American” are parts that depend on the gov’t more than the “liberal northeast” (which of course underwrites the losses associated with the RW state gov’ts).

Seems NY values (read blue state values) are about providing for the common good. Red state values, are about taking and taking…


Drip, by drip, by drip Cruz’s past is coming back, whether he likes it or not!
Ted Cruz’s mother used her first husband’s last name on son’s birth certificate
Alan Wilson, a Fort Worth native, still lives in London
Wilson said he is not the father of a son Eleanor had in England who died

Read more here: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/election/article54991080.html#storylink=cpy

I’d like to see one of them sneeringly refer to “Texas values, and I think we all know what those are,” and see if Cruz doesn’t take offense. It cuts both ways, dude.

Thanks, Chrissy, but I’d prefer you not be the one to stick up for NY values, you bridge closing, throw your people under the bus to save your own ass, using Hurricane Sandy relief money as leverage, bullying piece of shit.

Mary Pat is ‘on hiatus’ from her job…

Wonder if TedCrooze’s woman can get her GoldmanSachs job back?

Yes we do!

Much like Ted.

Sucks to be a Northerner in a Southerner’s Party.