Discussion: China Vows To Fight U.S. 'At Any Cost' As Trade Spat Worsens

Every time I think it’s safe to look at my retirement accounts this %$#*^&%$!! dotard does something even stupider than before.


CAUTION - Genius at work.


“Any cost” likely means dumping the U.S. debt they hold on the world market.

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Trump will keep digging his hole and making things worse until somebody comes around to work a settlement, make it possible for Trump to declare victory and claim all kinds of wonderful things about himself, and talk Trump into actually ending this and moving on to the next disaster. China will smile quietly. And I’m sitting here thinking it might be Larry fucking Kudlow we need to count on to save the day.


At this rate you are going to cash it in just to get a week worths of groceries in the future.
After the idiot triples down, quadruples down so as not to look defeated, the price of everything will sky rocket.
Learn to garden and preserve it for the winter months.
Get a horse and buggy.
Going to need a hayfield
Probably going to need a underground bunker.
Any of this sound familiar??


Our retirement plan includes a regimen of weekday rations of gubmint cheese augmented by splurging with Friskies buffet on the weekend (Live a Little!).

Our health care plan will consist of getting sick and quietly dying (might be linked to cat food and cheese diet) so as not to disturb the neighbors, because, you know, dignity and shit.


And the gop still chooses to stick their heads in the sand like everything is normal


I know we are the ones who are going to be hurt the most by this but i say China do what you gotta do


One thing Trump ignores is that there are many American companies based in China doing the exporting to the US:

A lot of the imports are from U.S. manufacturers that send raw materials to China for low-cost assembly. Once shipped back to the United States, they are considered imports.

About their currency being under valued:

Trump also asked China to do more to raise its currency. He claims that China artificially undervalues the yuan by 15 percent to 40 percent. That was true in 2000. But former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson initiated the U.S.-China Strategic Economic Dialogue in 2006. He convinced the People’s Bank of China to strengthen the yuan’s value against the dollar. It increased 2-3 percent annually between 2000 and 2013.

The dollar strengthened 25 percent in 2014 and 2015. It took the Chinese yuan with it. China had to lower costs even more to compete with Southeast Asian companies. That’s why the PBOC tried unpegging the yuan from the dollar in 2015. The yuan immediately plummeted. That indicated that the yuan was overvalued. If the yuan were undervalued, as Trump claims, it would have risen instead.


Just another gambit to weaken our standing in the world. Putin must be very proud of himself.


I wouldn’t put old “Eight Ball” Larry Kudlow in charge of a lemonade stand!

Not only has he been ruinously wrong on every possible economic issue, he’s beyond teachable and is another huge blowhard like Trump. This will all end poorly like everything else either has ever touched!


It is so sad that the USA has been treated so poorly by the rest of the world that we became the strongest economy in the world - so sad!


Well, the cremation could be free if you prepared and stock piled firewood. lol
along with at least one friend to throw in the lit match. lol

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I said that as soon as Rump came into DC: he’s NOT a businessman and doesn’t understand a lick of actual business. None. He understands the high value real estate business along with the mob and that is it. The racist Whites who voted for him either didn’t get that or just didn’t give a damn. Now, we’re all paying the price to some extent or the other.

I read that the Chinese have retaliated with tariffs specifically targeted to the districts that voted for Rump, not just the States. That would make sense to me and shows that they are not screwing around.


Donnie said “Trade wars are easy”
Yeah, for China, since they hold the loans and much more. Donnie, you were an idiot. You started this. You should pay.
Soy beans donnie. China knows where your base lives.


Another day in the land of stupid, stupid and even more stupid. So 50 B didn’t scare Xi. Throw another 100 B on the fire and that will work for sure. That’s how he ran bigly greatest almost not bankrupt casinos.


Trump’s surprise move Thursday to instruct the U.S. trade representative to consider the additional tariffs

Trump’s rash decisions surprise no one at this stage except for the AP and for his voters who will take another nasty hit in their pockets.


Throw another 100 B on the fire and that will work for sure.

That appears to be the dominant “MO” of Rethugs everywhere: double even triple down when the asinine belief goes sideways. Having Lighthiser and Kudlow at the economic helm is so impossibly insane it’s not even wrong. It’s simply monstrous. I have no doubt that at some point, Rump and the aforementioned cretins will back out of NAFTA. The reason they give won’t matter a damn because it just won’t. No one expects any sort of rationality at this point.


I don’t know much about macroeconomics but I know we’re overdue for a slowdown and this trade war won’t help. I also know the Republicans and Trump will get the blame, and they may not even be able to persuade Trump’s base it was Obama’s fault, much less anyone else. And I just wonder what they’re going to do about that.