Discussion: China Vows Retaliation If Trump Escalates Tariff Battle


Soybeans still at ten year lows. Meanwhile, soybean yields may well be record breaking this Fall. This is not looking good for next year if you’re a farmer;

But the market is already signaling danger for 2019. Bankers who provide capital to farmers won’t stand for losses and, instead, will likely force many farmers to sit on the sidelines. As many as 20 percent of farmers in the Upper Midwest won’t be able to get credit to finance spring planting, barring a miracle turnaround in prices, said Al Kluis, a commodity broker in Wayzata.


Hey rural Trump voters! Tired of all the winning? Still supporting the Con Man and his efforts to bankrupt you? If so, you’re all idiots.


We don’t export enough for them to slap enough tariffs on. Consider that.

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Plus this dolt keeps slapping tariffs on products made in other countries for AMERICAN companies… such a fine economist he is!