Discussion: China Approves Nine Trump Trademarks Previously Rejected

“The speed with which these appeals were decided is mind-blowing,” said Matthew Dresden, an intellectual property attorney at Harris Bricken in Seattle. “I have never seen any decisions made that quickly. That suggests special treatment. But that’s just procedural. Substantively, it’s impossible to say whether any of this is unusual.”

I’m sure this is all purely coincidental.

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The kleptocracy thrives like Trump’s many wives
An American’s dash for some sweet Chinese cash
The Chinese weren’t slow with the ol’ “quid pro quo”!

Donnie and Ivanka starring in The Occidental Tourist


LLC just another name for shell companies?

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I knew someday we would find out what ivanka was good for.

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Those marks include branded spa and massage services, golf clubs,
hotels, insurance, finance and real estate companies, restaurants, bars,
and a trademark class that covers bodyguards, social escorts, and
concierge services, according to Chinese records.

Our president is a pimp? Madam President?