Discussion: Chicago-Area Police Officer To Stand Trial In Bean-Bag Death Of WWII Veteran

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From the article it sounds like there were three or more officers present. There way of dealing with a 95 year old man with a cane and a knife was the shoot him–even with a “less lethal” gun? Three police officers couldn’t handle a 95 year old without shooting him? Really?


But, the 95 year old was obviously under the influence of Geritol.
The winds must be changing as far as charging police. An Albuquerque prosecutor is bringing murder charges against two Albuquerque police who shot a mentally ill man who’s only crime was camping illegally. He was in the process of obeying and leaving when police escalated the incident. Video of shooting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DngOL6LokN4&feature=youtu.be

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Bullshit, they didn’t have a choice! He was NINETY-FIVE YEARS OLD. They could have taken him down without using less-than-lethal force.
I should also point out that under NO circumstances are you supposed to used standard 40mm beanbag rounds at a distance of LESS than 10 meters/33 ft. 12ga beanbag rounds CAN be used at closer ranges, but ONLY if designated as CQB rounds. They DO make 40mm rounds for close range use, but those are clearly marked as such.
CQB = Close-Quarters Battle.

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We need the names of the other two piggies. They should be shamed out of their uniforms for being a part of this. Imagine, three fully trained officers scared to death of a old man with a cane.

in a nursing home…

The one percent cop safety doctrine in action. If there’s a one percent chance a cop might get hurt, instant escalation to potentially lethal force is justified. Nonlethal weapons aren’t on the belt to give them an alternative to shooting someone, they’re there to give them an alternative to talking to someone.


Why are the taxpayers wasting money ny having police officers attend a police academy and receive training if this all they are going to do – shoot first despite everything else?

A 95 year old man with a cane? They could have waited him out. Hell, at 95, how much more time did he have left? There are a number of scenarios that come to mind as to how they could have taken this man down. None of which requires a bullet of any kind.


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Well where do you think they’re learning this stuff?

95-year-old with a cane and a knife at assisted living facility where he lived.
Think about it … even Barney Fife would figure out a non-lethal way to subdue him.

yes but even barney fife has sherriff taylor to hold him back …these asshat cops pretty much get the okey dokey from their commanders and unions that it’s kill or be killed out their even from a 95 year old man

Abq victim was white. Bean bag cop was black, victim was white (and old). Could be coincidence, but I’m definitely not ready to call it a new trend. It is a trend when fewer people are getting shot.

I’ve read enough cases to know now that the police are the wrong people to call when you need help with someone who is confused or acting up due to a mental condition or medication issue. Police too often insist on compliance, which almost guarantees escalation when the person they are addressing is having difficulty responding rationally.

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In my former neck of the woods(Jefferson County, Southern Illinois) a few years ago they sent officers to the alternative(expelled kids) school to deal with a fight and the officers ended up going into a room of kids completely unrelated to the fight, tasing one of them unconscious, tasing one to piss himself, and cornering a third in a closet threatening to kill him and tasing him. They were all found to have acted appropriately despite the fact they NEVER DEALT WITH THE SITUATION THEY WERE SENT TO DEAL WITH.