Discussion: Charlie Hebdo's New Issue Will Include Muhammad Cartoons

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Big middle finger to the assassins.

I like.

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Sorry, mes amis, drawings or pictures of ANY human or animal is not acceptable in Islam … not for any purpose.

On the other hand, there are plenty of valid, scathing, accurate statements you can write about many people who claim to belong to Islam. Some of them even come from Muslims themselves. You can also repurpose many “Aggie” or “conservative” jokes and not be far off the mark.

Did you hear about the 13 French Muslim terrorists who drowned when their Toyota pickup truck missed the Disneyland Paris gates and flew into the lake instead?

They couldn’t open the tail gate in time :smirk_cat:

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Under the banner of fighting back and not backing down, they’re going to print what likely will be seen as gratuitous insults by the very people who have it in for them. Whether it’s courage or bravery we’ll find out. Bonne chance.

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I sense a Homer Simpson aspect to Charlie Hebdo’s attitude.

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The assassins are dead. This is a big middle finger to the rest of the French Muslim community and to others who might become further “collateral damage”. Charlie Hebdo? Try Charlie Hubris.


Some people might find the practice of certain, or even all, religions offensive. If you live in a free society, that’s tough crap. You’ll just have to learn to deal with it in a non-violent way. Same for people who find Charlie Hebdo’s satire offensive. You don’t have one form of expression without the other.

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The people that sent them aren’t, and they’re just as culpable as assassins.


What exactly are they supposed to do? “Learn their lesson” and stop expressing themselves? Do you blame Charlie Hebdo for the hostage deaths on Friday?

They’re going to publish a million copies of this issue. Before last week I’m sure most of the non-francophone world had no idea Charlie Hebdo even existed. Now those blasphemous cartoons have been seen by millions more than otherwise, and the contents of this upcoming issue might be seen by hundreds of millions of people.

It’s the assassins that should have left well enough alone. They’ve done more to help spread blasphemous images of the prophet than anyone at Charlie Hebdo ever could have done.


American news outlets wrestled

…As America’s raison d’ être shifted from freedom of speech to winner take all…

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I think these French could teach you something about liberty.

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That’s right, get back on the horse and ride hard!

Viva Le Charlie Hedbo!!!

Cartoons, oui, AP, NYT, WP reprints, no…

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Yes, the assassins, may Beelzebub put a devil aside for each of them, have just proven the old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity. As a means to promote your product, I would say assassination by religious fanatics is the MOST audacious marketing plan I have heard of to date. Not only that, but millions are probably begging Charlie Hebdo cartoonists/satirists to up the offensive nature of their content to the MAX, which has so much irony that the mind reels in contemplation. Hey, religious fanatics–learn about the principle of unintended consequences before you embark on your psychopathic murderous rampages.

No good deed shall go unpunished. And no bad deed shall go unrewarded. It’s the law.

You know, I am all for freedom of expression–and tolerance–I champion both as essential to quality of life. But I feel like I’ve discovered a new principle, the opportunity for self promotion to 40 virgins and a peeled grape. I think there are religious fanatics who are so enthralled with the idea of grabbing a golden ticket to ‘paradise’ that they are looking for opportunities to grab the ticket–so, you have to ask yourself the question–am I, by my act of self expression, in making fun of some aspect of Islamic ‘special regard’ providing fanatics with an opportunity to go to heaven simply by killing me? I would gladly die for ‘liberty’ – but I am NOT WILLING to die just because some crazy scumbag thinks killing me will get him into Heaven in a blaze of bullets and glory. So this is my new corollary qualification to free speech:

I will say what the fuck i want and don’t give a shit what you think about it–UNLESS–you think it will get you into heaven by offing me because I gave you the excuse you needed. Screw that. I don’t want you to get 40 virgins and a peeled grape. I have TOO MUCH sympathy for the virgins, thank you.

While I support free expression I also think it wise to use a reasonable level of taste even in satire. Even moderate Muslims tend to find the Charlie Hebdo cartoons offensive. I can understand the desire to offend the extremists but Charlie Hebdo succeeded in offending most all Muslims

Throw another match on the powder keg, Charlie!

(A half century, day in and day out, of a dominant culture telling French Muslims, overtly and subtly, legally and socially, they are shit–and then 3 of them lash back violently, and we’re all shocked, and comfort ourselves in a collective exercise in self-regarding bathos?)