Discussion: Charles Barkley Bashes CNN On Air: Network 'Sold Its Soul For Ratings' (VIDEO)

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Oh man, Charlie, you are right about everything until you reach this…

he planned to support Ohio Gov. John Kasich in 2016

… point.

How could this possibly happen?


You know, I’ll give him some credit: mofo says what’s on his mind, he ain’t lyin’ about it and he’s right about CNN in this instance.


He’s been watching too much garbage corporate media like CNN and thinks Kasich is a reasonable moderate.


When has CNN not been like that?

Let me give you some more reinforcement,not that you need it your take is spot on.Charles.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: What Donald Trump and ISIS Have in Common

								Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


		Dec. 9, 2015
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barkley was a long-time gop supporter and considered running for governor of alabama as a republican. he ditched the party ‘when they lost their minds’ in 2006, and was a vocal supporter of obama.

it’s nice to see someone of his stature denounce the crap content of cnn. too bad it won’t make a bit of difference.


Wow, for the first time ever I almost care WTF Barkley has to say.


Exactly. He’s conservative, has always been so, but recognizes they Repubs have lost their minds.

I could see why Kasich would appeal to him, he doesn’t do the dog whistles or the Trump method of using a bullhorn on race issues.


He’s not wrong.

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It wasn’t like that for about the first five years it was on the air as it was new and doing things the Big 3 had begun to quit doing, like good foreign coverage.

The fact of the matter is that “news” doesn’t need to be covered 24/7/365. “Break” new stories and then put them on the shelf until the facts and fuller story are available. Yes, I too wanted to know everything I could learn about what happened in Paris, but there was so much going on in the first few hours that no one could possibly have a clear picture of what happened.

So, yes, Sir Charles is correct about selling it’s soul for ratings and the completely unfounded fear of Fox.


CNN sold their soul for ratings, and then didn’t even get the ratings.


Who would have ever thought Charles Barkley of all people would ever jump the low bar into the top tier of political punditry?


You beat me to this post. Abdul-Jabbar was interviewed by O’Donnell last night and it was a thoughtful discussion of how harmful Trump is and as most people understand he’s completely willfully ignorant about the world of Muslims. O’Donnell showed a photo of Abdul-Jabbar posing with Trump and an unidentified woman, Trump now says Abdul-Jabbar photoshopped it and it never happened


CNN is still going ahead and showing its special two-hour program tonight examining whether Trump gets too much coverage. They don’t care what Barkley or anyone else thinks.


Not as out of character as you might think…
Charles Barkley: [“I Was a Republican Until They Lost Their Minds”][1]
Nearly ran for Governor of Alabama as an R.

Luckily, he evolved.
[1]: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/charles-barkley-i-was-a-republican-until-they-lost-their-minds-20060720%23ixzz3u2FqSJk8


Light night Mike Pesca absolutely tore apart CNN for their presentation of a focus group made up of supposedly “ordinary” Trump supporters - whoever chose them knew they’d get some good TV out of these well documented crazies (some of whom are elected officials) - a perfect illustration of Barkley’s point. It’s in the last five minutes or so of Pesca’s podcast The Gist.


CNN has been garbage infotainment for a long time now. People who only watch Fox News don’t tune in because they wrongfully believe it’s a liberal network that just promotes Democrats, and I don’t know why liberals would watch because who wants to watch hollow breaking news segments and insane right-wing nonsense treated equal to sane positions?

I think the only ratings they get these days are from doctors office waiting rooms and that one channel at the gym that isn’t a sports channel.


Right, this is the first time I’ve ever heard he was a “longtime democrat” because every mouth fart I’ve heard from this guy has been rather repugnant.

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Welcome to the late 1990s Mr. Barkley, because CNN has been doing this for a very long time.