Discussion: Chaffetz Says He'll Vote For Trump After Pulling Endorsement

semantics… won’t endorse him except by giving him my vote and saying it out loud…


‘Chaffetz’, short for spineless

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Watch out straddling that fence, you’ll slip and crush your boys.

Good luck with that talk with your teenage daughter you were so concerned about two weeks ago, hypocrite. Voting for a serial sex abuser should put you in solid with her. Maybe you can also square your preemptive plan for spending your entire next term investigating Madame President with your official oath.


lol… not likely… you have to have a pair to hurt a pair…


Vote Jason Chaffetz: A tower of Jello for Utah.

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“America’s locker rooms deserve better.”
Deseret News anti-Trump editorial, Oct. 8, 2016

I’ll be curious to see what the Salt Lake Tribune, which endorsed Hillary, will have to say about this development.

I suspect the Deseret News, which has been historically politically neutral yet published an unprecedented and rather scathing editorial calling on Drumpf “to step down from his pursuit of the American presidency,” will remain mum.

Sure would be nice if both papers shed some ink pointing out how blatantly weasel-y this varmint Chaffetz is.

(My apologies to weasels, and varmints in general.)


Rep Chaffetz shouldn’t have two years of Clinton investigations until he investigates the fence post up his ass.

Chaffetz’s next admission is that he is a secret Nickelback fan.


Wait, this can’t be right. This article sounds like Chaffetz is a howling hypocrite.

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Chaffetz = “Look, I have a job to do as a GOP Representative of the USA. It is simply, to obstruct and denigrate the NEXT Democratic president … instead of working on the problems the nation faces. Let’s face it. Our problems have been around for several decades. They aren’t going away. But a president can only exist for 4 to 8 years. I’d much rather focus on that short window of time than to try make the country a better place.”


I’m betting no one sat next to Jason at lunch in elementary school, high school, or university, and still don’t in congress…

Sorry Congressman what you are teaching your daughter is that words speak louder than actions. If you say the right thing then it’s OK to go off and do the wrong thing.

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Hasn’t this been the Republicans problem for several cycles? Their words are inelegant, they could have phrased that better, but in the end their words always show where their actions are going. So Jason is just following the Republican playbook= Don’t listen to what I say or how I say it, I will always place party before everything.

That 15 year-old daughter of yours, Jason? Grab her by the pussy. And then go on your all-expenses-paid Hillary Clinton witch hunt.

SSDD for the hypocritical, bottom feeding POS whose ambition lies more in self aggrandizement and being a rightie hack than working to improve the condition of the citizens he represents.


Well…at least he isn’t “advancing rapidly to the rear”, its more “advancing rapidly in a circle”. Like…a chicken with its head cut off.

The reality I am guessing, however, is Chaffetz is eyeing how vulnerable Ryan is looking now, and is contemplating running for Speaker in Jan, so he needs to shore up his credibility with the Trumpets that will be in the new Congress.


Investigate Chaffetz for a lack of principles!!

First GOP Sen Crapo from Idaho and now Rep Chaffetz in Utah does the song and dance where he boards the Trump train, jumps off the train, and now runs to hop back on. Both are in deep red states, and both are up for re-election this year. So, what is their play here? If their seats are safe, why not simply keep their mouth shut and pretend Trump doesn’t exist (a la Sen McConnell). Further, if their seats are safe, why the awkward attempt to re-board the Trump train? Is Crapo worried about losing a committee seat if he abandons Trump? Is Chaffetz concerned the GOP could lose Utah? Thoughts?