Discussion: 'Cesar Chavez' Selling Motivational Speeches To Get Back On AZ Ballot

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This is what the picture reminded me of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ciIUAZqQysw

Psychopathic patriot.

I have to admire his commitment to the bit.

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I’ll take the photo/autograph combo for $30 ‘César’. And as comfortable as you appear with fakery, please accept my Monopoly money as payment.

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“I could help somebody, give them the legal forms, give them an example, and show them how to do it,” he told the Capitol Times.

He added, “I could then be charged with practicing law without a license.”

I’ll take the $50 dinner, but only if there’s an open bar.

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The money in politics beckons the Scotts and Johns. Scott Walker is a political lizard and this guy is a plain John, like David Duke.

My personal favorite is “Political Consulting” at $10/minute. From a guy who failed so epically that he couldn’t even get on the ballot.

He’s selling his motivational speeches? Won’t he need them if he ends up in a debate?

Griftin’ at the grifter’s ball,
griftin’ at the grifters ball . . .

This has to be a joke. It can’t be real.

Reminds me of Pat Paulsen’s campaigns, but with more shtick.