Discussion: Census Is 0-For-3 In Getting Judges To Toss Lawsuits About Citizenship Question

These folks just won’t take a hint, will they?

Drop the citizenship question. It’s a loser from the get-go.


I do a lot of genealogy using the Federal Census data. The variety and changeability of the questions from decade to decade is interesting. Check the site below and click on any decade - it’ll list the questions.

I think you’ll find it interesting.



Wait. Isn’t Eric Holder an establishment stooge?



Well Trump has praised him (in a weird and whiny stab at Sessions) - so maybe he now gets a pass by the Trumpioids.

This is a really interesting issue. Traditionally decisions like this would be basically unreviewable However, Ross the Con, appeared to have just baldface lied. Judges don’t like that at all. So they allowed discovery, which showed that Ross the Con was lying. Sorry, but no real Judge will allow the US Government to just lie to them. And no appellate Court will intervene to save lairs like the Trump Administration (expect possibly the 5th, and these cases are not there).

This is just going to drag on in discovery for a year or more, at which point it will be too late to add a question…

and p.s. it helps that these cases all landed before Obama Appointees, with the cases in the 2nd, 9th, and 4th Circuits, all of which are real courts that will likely call the issue w/o partisanship.


It’s too bad this good news is going to be largely unnoticed because PP, Cohen et al are sucking the oxygen of the room. Just that it’s happened, unnoticed or not, is reassuring. Once again the American people prevail over their government.


They won’t drop it – they’ll drag on until next year when the forms will “already be printed”… it’s the same tactic they used on the Texas gerrymander case: drag it out until its so far removed from the original bad act, the Roberts Court can shrug its shoulders.


In 1870 some people listed their occupation as “prostitute.” Wouldn’t see that today.

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“Member of Congress” now.


Wait! A grifter can’t convince a judge that his grift is on the level?

What is this world coming to???

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Unfortunately Ross & company will continue to venue shop until they can find a court to support them. At that point they can try to take it to the Supremes.

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They will keep shopping until they find the one that will do what they ask.

This isn’t over yet.


Another reminder why properly functioning, non-partisan courts are essential.


OMG, Republicans really are bringing back the Know-Nothing Party. They should just rename themselves and get it over with already.


Census Is 0-For-3 In Getting Judges To Toss Lawsuits About Citizenship Question

Shocking! I mean, if you can’t trust Wilbur Ross, who can you trust?

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Which will of course find for him 5:4.

This policy is patently un-American and treasonous. Everyone participating should be investigated and if found to be using their positions to abuse their power, have their asses frog marched to prison, their assets seized and families thrown into the street as a fearsome example of what fascism gets you.

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