Discussion: Celebrities Dole Out Cash To 2020 Dems

So Mayor Pete gets $2,800 from James Murdoch, that’s kind of surprising to me. I wonder what Sean ‘missing link’ Hannity thinks of that.

James is not like his brother. I wouldn’t say he’s Mr. Joe progressive, but he’s not like his bro Lachlan.
I read this recently, it was interesting .

Late: Everyone should read this article on Lachlan. In a way, it’s a warning that we should all stay on top of. Lachlan will be Rupert’s empire heir. He’s fallen into the white supremacist thing and will one day be pretty damned powerful in the media world. Definitely something to stick a pin in and recognize as a big red flag for trouble down the road and be ready for it.


Odenkirk donated to Beto? Devastating.

I’m certain the RWNJ couch fainters who will hyperventilate at this non-story will be equally furious about the billionaires who are actually pouring billions into the Trump GOP, amirite? Why do I keep feeling like I’m living in the movie Rollerball (the good one)?

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I’d like to see Danny Devito play Bernie in the movie.