Discussion: CBS Host Grills Trump On Tax Plan: 'What Kind Of Republican Are You?'

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Trump, like every other good Republican these days, is 75% shapeshifter, 75% grifter.


Dude, 84pct of those with incomes under 50,000 don’t pay federal income tax now. And companies hire based on need, not because of the tax rate.


“CBS Host Grills Trump On Tax Plan” Really ? And got what ? Same old same old non answer.


That grill is so hot you can put your hand on it and just keep it there.

There are no tough interviews of politicians or candidates in this country. It’s too hard and too threatening to the status quo.


Trump: “We are being defrauded by these countries.”

Which is why Mexico is so rich and the top 1% of this country is so poor.


Kinda OT but can’t find a more appropriate thread: before the Trump interview, 60 Minutes had Charley Rose interviewing Vladimir Putin. Watching that, it was kind of sad how out of his league Rose was with Putin. Say what you like about Putin as a paranoid treacherous strongman KGB guy, but he ran circles around Rose. The guy is very intelligent, and very quick on his feet. Even with a translator, Putin was like Ali, dancing around, feinting at every punch, landing counter after counter on his flat-footed foe. Impressive performance, and a very depressing outing for Rose, who just looked like an hack, hate to say.


If this article was everything I knew about Trump, I could vote for him.


To borrow from the late great Yogi Berra;

Trump is 90% insanity, the other half is bullshit.


To say this “clown” is so full of it is an understatement.

Government is not business where you can tweak and mess with iron clad agreements already in place. Break any agreements and the consequences are not pleasant and will last for many years to come. So, yes go ahead, go and tear up the international agreements this country has made. Like his cohorts in the Senate who want to tear up the nuclear agreement with Iran, that other countries have ratified.

The GOP talks so much about enforcing the law, yet they are the first to break it just because it inconveniences them. Hypocrisy to the nth degree.


and 100% Bullshitter

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You might want to read this before making your claim of 84% of those making less than $50,000 don’t pay taxes!

There’s a big difference in not paying 0 in taxes and getting a refund!


A while ago, the Daily Show did a segment in Kansas where they interviewed “job creators” about the tax policies instituted by Governor Brownback, and what they found is just what you said. If a company doesn’t need a worker, they don’t hire. It doesn’t matter how low the taxes are. What’s more, Last Week Tonight pointed out that tax credits don’t work very well because they don’t know if the tax credits will be there due to changes in the law and don’t know if they will cover the incentivized behavior.


FWIW, here’s a source that says 86.4pct of those with incomes under 50k pay no federal income taxes.

The article you cited is about people who file. But the IRS doesn’t require filing for the really poor. Check the statutes.


Yep, it’s just supply side economics bs.


Depending on how much he raised taxes on the wealthy, this could work. So I don’t understand the comment about how we can’t afford it. For that matter, we couldn’t afford the Iraq war either. So, this is out there and yet he still leads the Republican field. This seems to show that Republicans are not really paying attention and are for Trump because they think he is a shiny object that will make everyone rich.


Agree. Putin seemed to by toying with Rose, like a cat toys with a mouse before killing it. Rose ended up resorting to the hackneyed interview technique, “So what do YOU think of America/Americans/Obama?” Putin appeared tanned, healthy, and even a little bit frisky. A formidable opponent, not to be underestimated.


I can’t listen to any other republican cry about his tax plan because he’s the only one of the crew who’s ever had enough money in their bank account / made enough money to be impacted.

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Trump’s go-to talking point is a variation of “If I dream it, it will happen.” Don’t like a treaty - ignore it. Too many immigrants - banish them. Got poor people - make everybody rich. Trade partners playing hardball - tariffs. International relations with historic enemies - everybody loves me.

Too silly and ridiculously simplistic. He goes into great detail when it comes to building stuff, like huge walls or beautiful amazing doors, as if the secret to resolving illegal immigration is architectural. He tried to describe his alternative to Obamacare and it sounded just like Obamacare. He is a goofy candidate with no serious answers to anything.


He does make his bullshit smell good …doesn’t he. It’s interesting how that ‘journalist’ handled Trump’s about taxing the rich. As if it were blasphemy and not part of the formula. Liberal media I guess.

Trump is an interesting guy. If he wanted to he could make sense. When he said he wanted to tax American companies doing biz out of the USA that journo went ballistic and spouted the party line. But Trump had a point. The USA is getting ripped off by NAFTA ( Clinton now admits that ) and Trump may be right. That may violate terms of agreement and it might…probably not…but it might pave the way for the USA to shit can it. That would be very popular with the American people.

If he’s shut up about the wall, make sense on immigration and back off insulting large swaths of the American people he’d have a good chance at being the man.