Discussion: CBS Bleeps Robert De Niro's 'F--- Trump' Speech At Tonys

DeNiro should get a Tony just for that…


Amazing acting…and it seemed to come across so real too.

The usual people reacting to his comment display a level of faux outrage imo. Considering how limited for time most people are given to speak at these award ceremonies, I for one appreciate the shorthand version of his political statement.


“borderline psychotic narcissist in the White House.”

Nothing borderline about it.

Oh, and fuck Trump.


I think the best thing about it is knowing how much pain the now-open scorn and contempt of the elites causes him. The Eagles don’t want to hang out with him, Robert De Niro curses him, Richard Branson will never invite him to go windsurfing, it’s really not what he’d imagined.


Now the president* is going to have to set up a rally in East Fentanyl Springs, Indiana to feed his pathetic ego again.


Absolutely Hilarious!


Apparently no one can use their platform to say anything bad about trump else it will piss off trump voters
trump can use his platform to talk shit about everyone while his supporters cheer.

Oh and while we are walking on eggshells, trying to understand and even get feel good news from reporters that seek out his voters, we never really the same type articles about those that did not vote for him.

I’m standing with de Niro.


More please.

even though it still won’t be enough.

A great actor doesn’t really act. He merely stays true to himself and the character. That is what De Niro did.

And nobody better bleeping apologize either!!!

NYers know that idiot the best - his own home state overwhelming voted against him. In fact the neighboring states did as well. We knew what we were doing.

Too bad the rest of the US was taken in…

The right-wing snowflakes want to make the whole country one of those “safe spaces” that they’re always going on about.

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I am sure right-wingers Ted Nugent, Tim Allen, and Scott Baio will respond accordingly to de Niro’s obscene and treasonous remarks about our sovereign lord Donald Trump during the upcoming “American Has-Been Awards” show, which will be broadcast on the Fox Business Network to their audience of tens.

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If only he could really reprise Travis Bickle these days…

Gee, it’s like a right-wing fascist/racist/misogynist/homophobe/authoritarian can’t even leave the house and go out in public anymore. Whatever happened to civility? Can’t we all just get along, peeps?
Of course, if I gave a speech at the Tonys, I wouldn’t tell trump, “Fuck you!”. No, I’d just inform the audience that Donald Trump and General John Kelly were operating a teenage white slave sex ring out of the basement at Trump Tower. And forcing the teenagers to make Trump Tower Taco Bowls, too!