Discussion: CBO: Trump Admin's Approach To ACA Will Depress Enrollment, Hike Premiums

This is the plan…make Obamacare work worse, then use that fact to shut it down. It’s the classic way Republicans remove functions from our government…break it, then complain it doesn’t work since it’s broken and kill it completely.


Depressed enrollment and less coverage at higher prices. The invisible hand of the free market working as intended.

If they hadn’t been forced to tip their hand with the repeal attempts, this would have worked much better. Congress probably could have passed a bill that would have thrown 5 million off their coverage, and then pointed at that next year as an excuse for widespread destruction. But no, they had to go for the whole thing first try.

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Republicans seem convinced that they can find a way to weasel around the basic fact that anything they do to harm Obamacare will be something that they will end up owning. And Democrats should make sure that is the outcome of any republican “cleverness”.

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