Discussion: Carson Says He'll ID Stabbing Victim If Press Agrees To Be 'Honest'

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Shorter Carson : I’ll make up a name but don’t check up on it, OK?


“But I do have this deal to make. If the media will promise that they will not bother this person or any of the other people, and if they promise that they will be honest, truthful and apply everything to everyone equally from now on, I will reveal this person,” he told Couric. “Is that fair?”

Careful what you wish for.


I wonder who called him up and volunteered…and what they are going get in return.


He needs to stop making demands of the press. he aint seen nothing yet.


WOW. JUST woW. EveN IF He’s MAKING uP THE NAme, HE’s OFFEring SOME trAnsPARAncY WIth regard the IDentTITY of THE PersON he’s MAKIng up. IS to TOO MucH TO ASK that LIBtard lAMEstreaM MEdia RESPEct HIS Privacy??


When you’re at the “Yes, I really DID stab that person” stage of your campaign…


“Dr. Ben Carson says he will reveal the identity of the close relative he allegedly tried to stab at age 14 if the press agrees to a few conditions.”

Who exactly does he think he’s negotiating with? The narcissism is strong here…


So it’s come to this: the carnival freak currently leading in the polls for the Republican nomination for President of the United States is promising to reveal who he stabbed with a knife—with the assumption that it will HELP his campaign.

Just ponder that, folks.


I still think it’s a spork or toddler scissors and he was 2. Just my spidey sense…

I think he just wants him to come out of hiding so he can have another go at him. He’s still mad he got away. Careful mystery victim, it’s a trap!!!1!

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Yes, we promise to promise you anything and everything it takes to convince your campaign to let you out of your halter…and then not follow through on the promises, dumbass. Whatever it takes for them to set you loose. The shitshow that will ensue will be glorious.

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Carson is just the most forthright about it but none of the GOP field want to have to answer any questions. They want to have an open mike in front of them with no chance for anyone to interrupt their platform. Who ever wins the race is going to have a very hard time in the general election.

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Coming soon to a theater near you…

“Alleged Stabbing Victim Denies Carson’s Story”

Followed by Faux News and the Teatroll flipping the fuck out over the liberal media’s bias and broken promises.

Or, of course, this could just be a case of “I’ve found someone who is willing to say what I told them to for a price.”


"The person that I tried to stab I talked to today, said would they want to be revealed. They were not anxious to be revealed," he told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. “It was a close relative of mine and I didn’t want to put their lives under the spotlight.”


Dr. Carson, if you don’t want the person “in the spotlight,” and the person is “not anxious to be revealed,” then don’t reveal them.

Ben Carson is obtuse even in his own words.


If he names a name, it’ll be a matter of hours before we see definitive proof that this guy wasn’t even in the state during the alleged incident.

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‘Pathological’ actually means extreme in a way that is not normal or that shows an illness or mental problem.

His word, not mine.

Hasn’t he? Did you miss the tongue bath that was the latest “debate”?

That’s my take on it too.


You win for the understatement of the day.

Also, folks, remember that today is Friday. Campaigns always perform a Friday Afternoon Dump of all the information they wish to garner little or no attention.

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