Discussion: Carson Praises McCarthy 'For Putting Others Before Himself' By Dropping Out

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Republican presidential candidate and retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson praised House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Thursday for dropping out of the race for speaker.

“I say kudos to Rep. McCarthy for putting others before himself,”

Oh the exquisite irony. Self awareness is not one of Doc. Carson’s strong points.


“This will open the process and even more names will be thrown in and that they will all have an opportunity to express their vision for the country and how their leadership style will be manifested and then allow the members to vote,”

This is the new thing now. The right is trying to transform the Speaker into some sort of “anti President”. He/she isn’t. The Speaker is a do-er, not a visionary. The Speaker doesn’t give speeches to the population at large, or even their caucus as much as they knock heads in back rooms, line up votes and put legislation on the floor that will actually pass. Its a person who gets shit done.

Which brings up the thing that really scares me about Carson. The man is so completely clueless, that he just absorbs any crazy notion he hears floating around and repeats it to try and sound like he knows what is going on. The people that fall for Onion gags on a subject matter they don’t know anything? That is Carson,and the subject matter is pretty much any and everything outside of his narrow understanding of brain surgery.


Yes, please just quit, everyone.

Scott Walker strikes again.


Cue the WeeWee song…

Wait, I was under the impression that putting the needs of others before ones own radical self interest is tantamount to fascism or communism or tyranny or something or other. It’s a slippery slope from putting others before yourself and actually working towards the common good, which we all know should never be the role of anyone in the government or anywhere else. IDK, Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand can probably explain it better than I ever will.

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I watched that piece with Blitzer. The man is a imbecile. I hate to say it, but its just so painfully obvious he hasn’t a clue about government.

After he flubbed the questions earlier today about the difference between a budget an a debt ceiling, he apparently got coached before going on Wolf’s show. Wolf was going REALLY slow and spoon feeding him…and it was clearly apparent, that even with getting coached and being spoon fed, the man still doesn’t understand the difference.

We are in the Sarah Palin notecard area of ignorance with this man now. I never thought I would offer up even an backhanded compliment to that woman, but at least she actually tried to write things down on notecards. I get the feeling Carson isn’t even putting that much effort into getting up to speed.


I had to reread that word several times. Still doesn’t seem right.

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 Shit......... or Shineola ?............Hmmmmmmmm ---

Yeah, he’s a “former neurosurgeon” and not, unless I’m mistaken, collecting social security. Perhaps he just doesn’t have a lot of tread left on him.

When pressed, Carson didn’t offer any preferences for who should run. When Blitzer gave him specific names, Carson said he liked Rep Daniel Webster (R-FL), Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).

If Blitzer offered Heywood Yapinchm, Oliver Klozoff, Jacques Strap, or Seymour Butz, Carson would have probably liked them too for speaker.


I was thinking it more of a politically correct way of describing his cognitive development.

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I always thought it was Vulcanism.


Republicans are no Vulcans. Vulcans are too human. Spock being perhaps the most human.

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“I say kudos to Rep. McCarthy for putting others before himself,”

Like you put that guy in the fried chicken joint before yourself?

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Ben Carson for Speaker 2015!!!

He is 64. He could be receiving SS, but being a surgeon and probably not worrying about where his next meal is coming from, my guess is he would wait till the normal age of 67 before collecting.

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