Discussion: Carly Fiorina Misses Cut For ABC's GOP Debate In New Hampshire

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Good. Aside from her being a compulsive liar, there is little doubt the rest of the GOP only wanted her on-stage to be a foil to Clinton. Now all they have left are angry white men appealing to angry while male voters.


She got robbed…better candidate for president than at least three others…at least!

Well, with one notable exception.


I’ll bite

Name the three


“Bonny Carly’s now a wash…”

Yeah! Name the three, this should be good


I don’t know about him, but I’m thinking Larry, Moe and Curly.


Funny, I was thinking Trig, Track and Derp.


Lindsey Rand and Rick already quit ---- Keep up !


How dare you not add Shemp or that occasional blonde tart?

Their presence enabled the best Oscar worthy magic.


Aw man, 12 apostles Iowans Jim Gilmore didn’t make it?!

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I like Derp’s inclusion.

Now mind you, he would leave the usual trail, but the bright-side is that he isn’t from Texas.

After more than three Texans in anything is simply asking for it.

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Of course, there’s also The Andrews Sisters, The Three Amigos, The Three Tenors, The Three Tops, the Three Chipmunks, the Three Stygian Witches or Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego


Oh drat!

And I was so hoping to be able to watch this ever so charming and delightful person.

There is no one on the planet whom I’d like to eviscerate a kitten with than Snarly.


I’m glad Fiorina’s out – her explanations of why she was right were beginning to wear away at my already-tenuous connection to reality.

But… does anyone know when ABC set the criteria for inclusion? Did they announce it some time back? I’m wondering if they just reasoned backward after deciding who they wanted.

(Edit: Never mind. I found an article that says they did it in “late January”. By that time the poll averages were already known and, depending on the window used for averaging, were unlikely to change. So they knew who they were getting.)

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Christy, kasich, and Bush…and not in that order!!!

And there lies the risk of pitching a prophylactic snit to the RNC about fairness…

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as much as i would like to include HRC and Bernie and O’mally i presume you mean republican candidates…

Three Blind Mice don’t forget them. On a serious note, I was trying to think of the three. I started with Gilmore but based on his last debate performance he would be light years ahead of Fiorina as President. Gilmore I think just took Ambien and instead of realizing he ate an entire uncooked lasagna during the night, will wake up and realize he’s running for President. Ben Carson for example won’t wake up at all. So I can’t come up with the three.