Discussion: Cantor On Loss: 'Obviously We Came Up Short

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Touching speech, aw!

Is there no way the good guys can win in the gerrymandered district?

Bare knuckles campaign operative Mudcat Saunders tried to give Cantor a hot foot, what was it, two cycles ago? I don’t even remember name of his Dem. candidate. …Okay, Dem. was Wayne Powell and it was 2012.

Amnesty is dead. The border stands.

Which just means the GOP loses very badly in 2016. GOPers know it (see McCain’s comments today). Awesome news!


“So I look forward to continue to fight with all of you for the things
that we believe in for the conservative cause because those solutions of ours are what caused the problems that so many people are facing today.”

Fixed. :wink:

#Buh-Bye! Toodles! Don’t let the door hit you!

Poor Bitchface Eric won’t be the GOP House Majority Leader any mores.


Jeesuss christ that guy was a fuckin ahole anyway. Where is my wallet. I need to go get some more liquid plumber? - Nick Nolte

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“Obviously we came up short,” Cantor said.

Not short of cash with the VA Investment Board and the rest of the booty.


Ya, Nostradamus? Were you predicting a smooth roll out of Obamacare too? Or the Dems holding the House in 2010?

I can’t wait to see if the cross-over vote did him in. Is there any way to know what party a person was who voted in the GOP primary? Was crossing over a difficult process or just a matter of which ballot you asked for? I was incredulous when I saw the headline … amazing.

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That’s what she said…

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Normally, taking glee in another’s downfall would seem to be tacky … but since Cantor so often positioned himself in a way that made him look like he was taking genuine pleasure in inflicting additional hardship upon the less fortunate … well, hope this taste stays in your mouth for a long time Eric, you disingenuous, smarmy creep! May this be a permanent exit from politics for you.

Certainly Eric will be financially comfortable for the rest of his days - considering the incredible wealth that his wife has amassed in her role in the banking industry - where she benefited immensely from the banking bail-out programs - you know - the ones that Eric posed & postured to feign opposition and harangued the Democrats about . What a duplicitous TOOL you are Cantor.


More mindless “amnesty” nonsense.

So when you get a traffic violation, the run a background check, you have to pay a fine, is that “amnesty”…?

Where you predicting the ACA would not get anywhere near 7 million sign-ups?

The evolution of Eric Cantor: from Captain of the Republicans to Captain Obvious – in one night!

Never claimed the buzzword “amnesty” polls well. The relevant point is that none of the proposals put forward since Reagan involve “amnesty”. The actual components of the immigration reform bill that passed overwhelmingly in the Senate last year, the overwhelming majority of voters (including Republican ones) support.

But as I have said elsewhere, please convince your ‘conservative’ nativist brethren and the GOP (aka the stupid party) to scream as loud as possible that we must do anything and everything to prevent brown people from being in our country. The death knell of the GOP can’t come soon enough and once the demographics sink the Republican party and relegate it to the history books, a sane, rational loyal opposition party can hopefully rise from its ashes.

As a wise man once said, please proceed Governor.

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Can I quote another wise man? “Go fuck yourself.”

Good grief, who brought you back from the dead?

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