Discussion: Candidate For Governor Films Video Pretending To Be Homeless For A Week

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Well, when “normal” people can’t find a job, it’s because they’re not “trying hard enough” and they’re “slackers who don’t really want a job” and just want to “stay on the dole”…according to Republicans.

So, Neel…how’s it feel to be a slacker that just wants to stay on the dole?


I wonder if he wants to expand the safety net to help with the problem? Or will his solution be…tax cuts to the oppressed wealthy!!!


Kashkari? Is this the guy who invented the high-fibre breakfast cereal, which, upon consuming, bloats you with gas and makes you go to the bathroom three of four times a day?


It’s easy to criticize not being able to find a job after looking for a week. (Though in Fresno, apparently, he didn’t find his way into the ample illegal labor force in the fields…plenty of that to be found.) What’s your PLAN?


Very spontaneous, I’m sure, being followed around by a guy with a camera.

In looking for a job he reports he just went cold calling. Even the homeless use the public libraries’ computers and various job resource centers to get work. I don’t think any job short of a day labor job from the Home Depot parking lot is secured on the spot. Sounds like he needs to work on that credibility thing. But nice of him to give up his own bed for a few nights.


Well clearly, tax cuts for rich people can’t solve the whole problem. We also need to Cut Burdensome Regulatory Red Tape that keeps Job Creators from employing young girls twelve hours a day to paint watch hands with radium paint, bringing their brushes to a nice sharp point with their lips after painting each hand, and forces them to put expensive “safety devices” on heavy equipment.


His answer is the standard republican boilerplate. Cut all taxes to the “makerz”, repeal environmental regulation, make it easy for businesses to fuck people, cut welfare, frack anywhere and everywhere, and fire state workers.



Neel Kashkari: Mind of a political serial killer, eyes of a real serial killer.


Oh…and get rid of Brown’s “train to nowhere”, plus did I mention cut taxes and fire state workers?

Also, he wants to cut taxes and fire state workers.

Further, cut state workers, fire taxes, and the reverse.

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Serial killer, hell. Those are supervillain eyes.


He’s got that crazy look they all have, where they have SEEKRIT KNOWLEDGE that you just can’t understand, and that’s why all their kooky bullshit is right and you’re a commie dupe not to believe them.


Those are Bette Davis eyes. (In Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?)

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“Neel Kashkari: I came to Fresno expecting to be able to find a job … But it’s been a week and I’ve found nothing.”

Wow. A whole week of unemployment. So unfair. So Obama’s fault.

8.6 million Americans lost their jobs, thanks to your “free-market Republican” agenda of cutting regulation at Treasury under Bush. And 3.5 million are still looking for work – seven years after the Bush bubble burst.

(Not the ones on Wall Street, thank G-d. Them, you made whole.)

But do go on whining about your “week” of pretend unemployment – while you call for cutting Social Security and Medicare, demonize labor, and plan 10-year income-tax waivers for businesses.

Truly, you cannot shame the shameless.


Such an insult to the real homeless AND jobless.

What a dick.


Funny thing is that places like fresno are republican strongholds. Also the “comeback” is the states recovery after the 25 BILLION dollar debt gov Schwarzenegger and the repubilcan house of reps left us with after 8 years of borrow and spend.


Well nothing creates jobs like firing state and local employees. Every dollar paid to a state and local employee actually destroys jobs because their dollars spend differently than private sector employee dollars. When a private sector employee buys a gallon of milk, it has the effect of helping to pay the salaries of people all the way up to the supply chain from the checkout clerk to the dairy farmer. But when a public sector employee spends a dollar, it causes the Magic Confidence Fairy to haz a sad, and don’t come and sprinkle their magic confidence fairy dust on the Job Creators, depriving them of the confidence to go out and Create Jobs.


Fresno’s a mix. They have a Republican mayor, but just like all cities in the Central Valley, the demographics are very hispanic and getting moreso.

And oh what a dump it is…

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Well, the whole Valley has had it bad for almost a decade now.

But Fresno…man. I hear their city motto now is: “Fresno – At least we’re not Stockton or Bakersfield!”

Wish he would’ve run for Senator instead. Dianne Feinstein has long overstayed his welcome. Sharp guy, innovative, doesn’t fall neatly on the left-right spectrum. Of course, now I’ve marked myself for ridicule from the intellectually lazy of my liberal brethren. So be it.