Discussion: Candidate Drops Out After Book Of Anti-Gay, Breast-Feeding Rants Surfaces

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I wonder who published this fine collection of essays - HarperCollins, perhaps? Or Simon & Schuster? And how many weeks was it on The Times best-sellers list? I’m sorry I missed the book tour.


WTF, was he writing a book of racist misogynistic insults to boost his popularity among the KKK? I’m glad he found productive ways to occupy his time following his stint as a writer, but perhaps a locked room with little outside contact would have been his best course.


Cappola too close to Crappola for me. I’d change it. And he objects to women exposing their breasts too.

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232 pages? Wow. I would have thought he’d quit after his monitor was coated with Liquid Paper about 10 pages in.


I’ve done some freelance editing for the Oxford University Press but I don’t remember seeing this one. Pretty big outfit, though, so someone else might have worked on it.


wow. he’s a republican? who’d ever believe a republican would say such things?


you’re misquoting: he said they should put it back “wear” [sic] it came from.

“Republicans denounced Cappola’s language in the book …”

Why do I find this hard to believe?


name names.

““put it back wear in came from!!!””

Wear? How do adults reach the point in life where they can afford a suit, but still don’t know the difference between “where” and “wear”? This isn’t a teeanger pounding away on twitter. This is an adult writing a “book”.


No, clearly McGraw-Hill. The editor was the same guy who called slaves workers in a caption.



Republicans denounced Cappola’s language in the book that included saying gay people should keep their “sexual preferences” ''behind doors like normal people do."

I’m confused. I can’t really see Republicans getting upset by homophobia, misogyny, racial bigotry, etc. Their usual response is to complain about people not being able to take a joke.

Obviously, stuff like that is offensive and stupid - but not to Republicans, generally speaking. So what did Cappola write that upset them?


Hey, just look at the guy. His face screams “wisdom.” That alone wants me to find out more about his dynamic, original thinking.

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No, it’s true. The GOP was disappointed that the book wasn’t in English.

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Why does he hate America? !?!?!


An insult to adults world wide. Or humans in general.

Nailed it!

They just can’t help themselves, must be genetic.

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A real Jersey Shore type.

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