Discussion: Canada Removes Half Of Cuba Embassy Staff After Another Health Attack Victim

It’s just the russkies trying to drive in a wedge. The type of game they like to play.


The other half said, what the hell about us!

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You kidding? At this time of year? And this weather?

The half being removed is probably pleading to stay where it’s warm!

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Not if some of them have some permanent damage which is what it seems like has been happening to folks there.


Oh, certainly a fair point. It’s been a weird set of things, will be interesting if we ever find out what it is.


We need to get Steed and Mrs. Peel to track down the demented genius who’s developed a Concussion Machine and is using it to destablize diplomatic relations.


I’ve read somewhere that the illness’ at the US Cuba embassy where debunked as a case of mass hysteria. :neutral_face:

Microwave arrays used to focus microwave energy into a beam which heats up brain tissue (or anything containing water, such as tissue cells). Sleep safe and comfortably inside a Faraday cage. Microwave radiation is easily detectable with the appropriate electronic instrumentation. Now, if they are doing this in really short but very powerful bursts, it might be a little more difficult to locate the source.

This could also be done with ultrasonic arrays, but that would be more difficult to pull off.

If US MDs have documented brain damage, then no, it’s not hysteria.

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If Canadians are affected than this is a strong indication that the Cubans have nothing to do with it. Cuba and Canada have a very good relationship.


Look up in the night sky in Cuba and see… See! see that stationary Russian satellite poised to beam focused concentrated waves down on specific targets in Cuba that mess with your mind, man. Yeah, it’s a bad vibes machine, man, lookin’ to fry your brain, and tin foil hats are the only known protection, which is why, way back, a Russian psy-ops campaign in the US media made the use of tin foil hats an object of ridicule and derision. It’s all connected, m’am!

I’m a Ph.D. who, among other things, has worked with microwave arrays in medical and defense systems. Understand that the radio frequency (RF) transmissions in your microwave oven heat water by transmitting electromagnetic energy with a wavelength similar to the polar moment of the H2O molecule. As the RF wave passes through the water molecule, it causes the molecule to flip back and forth to align the positively and negatively charged poles of the water molecule with the positive and negative peaks of the moving RF wave. Molecular motion is the manifestation of energy deposition, and the RF “heats” the water molecule. You do realize that you can boil water this way? And what exactly is your brain bathed in all the time? Water.

Do you mind if I ask what are your qualifications to support your sarcasm?

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Science fiction.