Discussion: California Supreme Court Blocks State Split Initiative From Ballot

In a unanimous order, the six justices said that “significant questions regarding the proposition’s validity” and that the “potential harm” of allowing a public vote before those question are resolved “outweighs the potential harm in delaying the proposition to a future election.”


California has two ways or ‘levels’ of making changes to their Constitution; amendments and ‘revisions’. Amendments are smaller changes which can be more easily achieved. Revisions are bigger changes, and are harder and take more to get enacted. Without having looked at the ruling, etc, I’m guessing that the people behind the proposition are trying to enact an amendment, and the Court says this has to get done through the Revision process.


They’re just trying to destroy California, the 7th largest economy in the world for stupid political whining from rednecked racist aholes who are vastly outnumbered by actual sentient beings.


As someone who swims off the left coast, a dumb Idea ineptly implemented. (And it didn’t come from DJT)

What do Fresno County and San Diego County have in common?



Don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t be long before a fresh startup in Silicon Valley will come up with a brand-new governance structure whereby similar smaller units can be joined under the umbrella of a larger governing authority to centralize functions. I’d say more but they need several million dollars of venture capital before changing the world.


Draper understood the difference and pursued the course which needed fewer signatures to qualify for the ballot

Draper had proposed in 2014 to divide California into six states, but was unable to collect the 585,000-plus signatures needed for a measure to amend the state Constitution. By drafting Prop. 9 as a recasting of state laws, he needed only 385,880 signatures to make the ballot.

The initiative qualified for the ballot after Draper gathered signatures of 402,000 registered voters and submitted them in April.

@DuckmanGR I believe it’s the fifth largest economy in the world.


Startups in Silicon Valley? Think Theranos whose genius creator Elizabeth Holmes who thought she’d be the next Steve Jobs is now in jail.

BTW Tim Draper still supports Holmes even after she was charged with “massive fraud.” So much for delusional visionaries.


Let’s merge N Dakota (pop 755K) with S Dakota (pop 869K).
Let them keep two senators (for a combined pop of 1.6 mil) that’s still a bargain!


So, he is not even attempting an ‘amendment’ to the Constitution! Wow. He’s trying to do it as a simple statutory change. He’s got no chance of getting the CA courts to approve that.

Thanks for posting that.


While on the other hand, the counties of Santa Cruz and Monterey would suddenly be in separate states.

Let’s see now … fluffy orange hair? Check
White face paint and exaggerated makeup? Check
Big red nose that squeaks? Check
Oversized yellow shoes? Check
G.O.P. membership card? Check

No disrespect intended to any actual clowns, of course.


Obviously it’s being covered in SF Chronicle regularly. Jaw dropping chutzpah on Draper’s part.


The motivation is the chance to gain two R senators. Right now and for the foreseeable future CA will be +2 D senators. Splitting CA into 3 sections (a kind of gerrymander) will result in one state +2D, one state +2R, and one slightly D-leaning state that could go +1D+1R, or even +2R with the right voter suppression tactics.

So with 3 states, worst case from republican view is the status quo (net +2D senators), with a chance of turning that into +0D or even +2R net senators. There’s also the splitting off of some of CA’s solid D electoral votes.


Well, I guess that’s good for Dems, right? Now we won’t lose any electoral votes that we’ve (almost) always counted on.

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I’ll do you one better - let’s merge Wyoming, Montana, N and S Dakota and Alaska with a combined population of less than 5 million but with 10 senators, 5 house seats and 15 electoral votes.

I don’t begrudge them the house seats or even the EC votes but 10 senators? One tenth of the senate for less than 2% of the US population? Um, no.


Two D Senators for years, and in recent years both women, but that’s beside the point. This was a nefarious scheme presented as something enlightened for the good of the state.


55 of them, and in recent decades always for the D pres candidate.


Two states!
We want two states
North and south
Two, two states
Forty million daggers
Two states
We want two states
There’s no culture
There’s no spies


Reagan '84 was the last time, I think, that the R’s got California?

Yes. His basic premise is "California is too large to be governable.

Says who?