Discussion: California Seeks Moving Up 2020 Presidential Primary To Get More Sway

This is why the Sanders’ camp complaints of the DNC rigging the system were so ridiculous. If California, NY and NJ had their primaries in February last year like they did in 2008 when she lost the nomination she’d have walked away with it and Sanders would be a fading memory. The DNC could have pressured such states to move, but did not.

The DNC had only four powers – 1) Passing out money; 2) Setting the delegate selection rules; 3) pressuring states to hold primaries/caucuses at certain times, but they can’t even force them to change; and 4) running the convention. Since the DNC passing out money is minor since Citizen’s United, the delegate selection process hadn’t been changed in a dozen years, the didn’t pressure any states to move their caucuses, and the convention organizing and platform committee was weighted to Sanders far in excess of his vote goals, the DNC did not put their thumb on the scale.

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Ohhhh now you’ve done it! You’ve poked a sharp stick at the DNC being unfair to Bernie myth.