Discussion: California Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Limit Vaccination Exemptions

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Uh-on, Kennedy the VJ s going to vomit with rage.

Perry will poach the anti-vaxxers from Marin Coun…no he won’t.

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A note of sanity to soothe the spirit. I will stop reading TPM after seeing this uplifting story and bid you all sweet dreams.

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Good move but it’s a bit late. But better now than never.

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Good. It’s about time, but it’s not enough. Now the people seeking personal exemptions will just say they have a religious objection.

<The bill would still allow parents to seek a exemptions for religious beliefs and medical reasons, such as allergies. And it does not apply to children who are home-schooled.>

Home schooled kids go out in public. They need to be vaccinated too.

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No exemptions except for a medical condition. Ever. Not for faith based reasons. Not for Home School. You get exemptions because of a medical reason, or live someplace else.


It was our otherwise forward thinking Governor Brown who signed the vac exemptions bill a few years ago, but no one could have predicted that the exemptions would be taken so far by so many.

And it does not apply to children who are home-schooled.

And why not??? What’s the argument to exempt those children? Those kids still go out in public, if not public school. There are still mechanisms to require vaccinations using the same criteria for home-schooled kids if the state is requiring standards for their academic work. Have the parents fax over their records to a central clearinghouse for oversight or to their local school district to pass on to the state. If they refuse to vaccinate, but are able to show they have an exemption for medical or religious issues, then fine. Otherwise, no vaccination, no grade equivalency passage issued by the state. The state can surely include this as a basis for requiring home-schoolers to be vaccinated if they wanted to, for everyone’s sake.

I just don’t get the aversion to making these parents of home-schoolers just as responsible. The state seems to carve out an inherent exception, by singling out these children for special treatment by the state. How did we get here? Because their parents didn’t like the school in their particular district? Its really a double standard, and its against good science in the public interest.

That should keep the horses from getting out again, said the legislature, as it added a 3rd wall to the rectangular barn.

There will be other outbreaks, people will die in some of them, and a grim huddle of legislators will put on very serious faces and talk about the importance of religious freedom and the tremendous amount of fact finding and soul searching they went through before agreeing to further limit exemptions.

Just skip the part where people have to die and pass legislation that reflects the best medical and scientific advice for ensuring an acceptable level of public protection.

And when the fuss comes about the religious exemption, state this: The religious exemption is harming and even killing people. Human sacrifice is not a religious practice that deserves or receives Constitutional protection.