Discussion: Buttigieg Doubles Down On Trump's Vietnam Deferment: He Faked 'Disabled Status'


Mayor Pete is spoiling for a fight against Republicans over the themes they have traditionally dominated, and he does this by targeting their shameless hypocrisy, be it on the subjects of Christianity or of the military. I suspect there’ll be more of this to come.


Donald Trump. A “Fortunate Son”, and cowardly hypocrite. Thanks to all the heros out there who served and sacrificed in defense of our country, our Constitution, and our democracy.


I wish that whenever people mention extremely stable genius Cadet Bone Spurs’ bone spurs — which, curiously enough, didn’t effect his ability to play football, baseball, squash, tennis or, yes, golf — they would also point out that the podiatrist who orchestrated the scam was a tenant of Fred Trump and was rumored to have received a postponement of his lease increase for his troubles, among other favors.


And to top it off, Trump now makes fun of and mocks people with real disabilities, and picks fights with Gold Star families whose loved ones died in service to the country, on the campaign trail and from his position as illegitimate President and Commander in Chief. And now is trying to figure out a way to send kids to a war someplace, anyplace, that he can provoke.

Let’s remember this on Memorial Day.


“I had a doctor that gave me a letter — a very strong letter on the heels"

The strongest!
But isn’t he also the healthiest president, EVER?


Didn’t Jon McNaugton show that Jesus removed the spurs in 2015, blessing Trump to be able to campaign nonstop?
You think I jest, but I expect that the lack of bone spurs today will be given as proof of divine intervention



Not bad, but your kerning is off.

He must have a remarkably strong constitution to survive his terrible diet and generally sloth-like lifestyle. (Golf is not really exercise, especially when you ride a cart most of the way.)


Mayor Pete is in the perfect place to take this fight to Trump. Rare among modern politicians he served and served honorably.


And I suspect that Trump will have a difficult time countering these attacks. Buttigieg is clearly superior to Trump in intellect and demeanor. Trump’s nickname for Buttigieg, Alfred E. Newman, is about the lamest of all his insults and nicknames.

Whether Buttigieg becomes our nominee or not, I believe his approach to these themes will help all the Democrats in the running.


Mayor Pete’s criticism of Trump is just right, and only made more cogent because it is almost certainly true, but it is worth remembering that it will probably not have much if any effect on Trump’s followers. I was re-reading some of Bob Altemeyer’s research on authoritarians and reminded of his comments WRT those prone to support them viz

Authoritarian Followers

We know a lot about authoritarian followers, but unfortunately most of what we know indicates it will be almost impossible to change their minds, especially in a few months. Here are some things established by experiments. See if you recognize any of these behaviors in Trump supporters. Compared with most people:

  • They are highly ethnocentric, highly inclined to see the world as their in-group versus everyone else. Because they are so committed to their in-group, they are very zealous in its cause. They will trust their leaders no matter what they say, and distrust whomever the leader says to distrust.
  • They are highly fearful of a dangerous world. Their parents taught them, more than parents usually do, that the world is dangerous. They may also be genetically predisposed to experience stronger fear than people skilled at “keeping their heads while others are losing theirs.”
  • They are highly self-righteous. They believe they are the “good people” and this unlocks a lot of hostile impulses against those they consider bad.
  • They are aggressive. Given the chance to attack someone with the approval of an authority, they will lower the boom.
  • They are highly prejudiced against racial and ethnic minorities, non-heterosexuals, and women in general.
  • They will support their authorities, and even help them, persecute almost any identifiable group in the country.
  • Their beliefs are a mass of contradictions. They have highly compartmentalized minds, in which opposite beliefs live independent lives in separate boxes. As a result, their thinking is full of double-standards.
  • They reason poorly. If they like the conclusion of an argument, they don’t pay much attention to whether the evidence is valid or the argument is consistent. They especially have trouble realizing a conclusion is invalid.
  • They are highly dogmatic. Because they have mainly gotten their beliefs from the authorities in their lives, rather than think things out for themselves, they have no real defense when facts or events indicate they are wrong. So they just dig in their heels and refuse to change.
  • They are very dependent on social reinforcement of their beliefs. They think they are right because almost everyone they know and listen to tells them they are. That happens because they screen out sources that will suggest that they are wrong.
  • Because they severely limit their exposure to different people and ideas, they vastly overestimate the extent to which other people agree with them. And thinking they are “the moral majority” supports their attacks on the “evil minorities” they see in the country.
  • They believe strongly in group cohesiveness, and being loyal. They are highly energized when surrounded by a crowd of fellow-believers because it makes them feel powerful and supports their belief that “all the good people” agree with them.
  • They are easily duped by manipulators who pretend to espouse their causes when all the con-artists really want is personal gain.
  • They are largely blind to themselves. They have little self-understanding and insight into why they think and do what they do. They are heavily into denial.

I hasten to add that studies find examples of all these things in lots of others, not just authoritarian followers. But not as consistently, and not nearly as much.

If you are the kind of person who would NOT make a good authoritarian follower, you will be wondering “What’s the evidence?” for all these assertions. The scientific evidence, which has stood the test of time for decades now, is at your fingertips.

Bob Altemeyer

NB: See also Why Do Trump’s Supporters Stand by Him, No Matter What?


I’ve heard he had to wear a series of prosthetics to correct his crippling condition, which Toadglans has said were “temporary” and “minor.”


It’s clear Mayor Pete sees an opening here. He previously made a comment about how while Trump was doing the seventh season of The Apprentice, he was packing for Afghanistan.

I’m so glad he’s in the race whether he wins or not. He’s got the intellect, wit, and biography to back Trump into a corner, and maybe more importantly, keep the media from shooting the messenger -as they love to do to Democrats -and this ultimately helps whomever we nominate.


Mayor Pete is in the perfect place to take this fight to Trump. Rare among modern politicians he served and served honorably.

But why is he the only one? Democrats that didn’t serve can still take the fight to Trump as well. You don’t have to be a vet. It’s a real issue but Democrats are afraid to go right at Trump. And the rest of us have pay for their cowardice.


There is also a socialization component. Otherwise the various states would not be Red or Blue or Purple.

I was forced to detach myself from certain people after Trump got elected not because of the person but because of the culture that person would have to still be a part of.**

** A culture I knew that Trump would unleash to exhibit its ethnocentrism more freely


Many of these observations apply to trump himself.


Mayor Pete: “What, me worry?”


The only known fix for bone spurs is surgery. Show us the scar(s) #45. Show us the s.c.a.r. you gibbering piece of wasted carbon.