Discussion: Buttigieg Campaign Says He Hit Donor Threshold To Make First Dem Debate

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Congratulations Mayor Buttigieg! I look forward to hearing more from you.

And a side note: finally, a representative of what is Good about Indiana, rather than what is backwards, paranoid and corrupted, will be on the national stage.


New people. New energy. New blending of the new with the not-so-new. Look forward to hearing from him.

ETA Saw Gillum on the Maher show last night. Looked like Prex material to me (and VP as well)


I donated to him. And Klobuchar and Harris and Warren. I want to hear their ideas, see them in action. Any of them would have my whole hearted support. The others I would vote for over Trump in a heart beat.


Pete has become a top 5 quality candidate. I could envision him winning a general election.


I sent mine in also.


I contributed to him for that very purpose. He seems authentic and it’s good to see something decent come out of Indiana for a change.


Pete makes the best arguments of all the current candidates. Couching progressive ideas in the language of security is just like Eisenhower. He’s brilliant and persuasive and young, everything Trump is not. I’m volunteering for him and will do all I can. Compared to someone without a real message like Beto, or someone who time forgot like Bernie, he’s the best possible candidate. It’s too bad his name is tough for people to pronounce and the bigots in the flyover states might not like a man with a husband.


I’ve got to do that too. I’ve only donated to Klobuchar so far.

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I’m happy to see that he hit the threshold. I saw the beginning of the CNN town hall and liked everything about him. Usually I can’t bring myself to listen to most pols for more than a few minutes, even the best of them grate on my nerves eventually, but I found myself listening to the entire thing, and donating to his campaign directly afterward.


The bigots will all vote for Trump anyway. Buttigieg’s message of inclusion, his great intellect and his natural ability to relate to people are outstanding characteristics. We must chose our best candidate, not worry about what the Trump voters will do, They are, in a word, deplorable.

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I’ve been following Buttigieg, mayor Pete in the news for the past few years and have been quite impressed with him. Not only on resume alone, Rhodes scholar, served honorably in the military but his record as mayor. Owning up to the economic realities of the Studebaker plant that has been closed since 1963 (It will reopen, just you wait. Like the coal mines!) and repurposing it as a tech hub office park is a model for other rust belt cities. He certainly shows a lot of management savvy and ability to bring numerous factions together.


I am not 100% on any candidate at yet. But Pete is one I hope gets traction the most. He is truly an impressive person and whose views thus far I support.


Right. It’s pretty clear that a fair number of Trump voters in the '16 election are regretting their votes now. Polling shows that all kinds of progressive ideas have strong support in the electorate, even among Republicans. Find a candidate who campaigns to win instead of campaigning not to lose, and we should be fine.


Everytime I’ve heard him interviewed or talk I came away liking him. Want to hear more. That’s why I tossed $10 his way to hit the 65,000 mark.


I guess I’m waiting to see who makes it far enough to even ask for my vote.

…The rise and rise of Pete Buttigieg :arrow_upper_right: :arrow_upper_right: :arrow_upper_right:

Some credit goes to Barack Obama, who unabashedly, pointed at the Sound Bend Mayor, as a rising star to watch in coming years.