Discussion: Businessman David Perdue Wins GOP Nod For Georgia Senate Seat

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Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye…


Drat, I wanted Kingston, he seemed easier for Nunn to beat. Although both do seem beatable. We need this seat.


Interestingly, she’s been polling better against Perdue.


As a tinny and notably stupid Republican who always toes the line, Kingston would have been vulnerable in a part-of-the-problem kind of way. But Perdue has some pretty big vulnerabilities as well – mainly that (as Kingston pointed out) he made his money by bankrupting companies, used political influence with his cousin the governor to help his companies, and then retired in luxury to a mansion on ritzy St. Simon’s Island. Mitt Romney in a southern drawl comes out sounding like “day-vid per-do”


I thought the Teabag Party was making a comeback and all “mainstream republicans” were doomed?


“…when his Kingston alleged that Perdue said he was open to raising taxes.”

Did Google translate write that sentence?


Or is “Kingston” a Georgia euphemism like “Johnson”?


LOL! The latest polls had Kingston up 49-41! So much for that “TP comeback!”

Now Michelle Nunn needs to start making noise about this guy – how he’s another 1-percenter who thinks his bank balance gives him right and title to a political position, and how he’s morphed himself again and again to appeal to the TP.

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This race, like many races, will be won on the streets, not in the suites. It will be determined by how many people Democrats can register, and convince to vote. Much of that work has already been done. It’s “below the radar” work.

Most of what we are calling politics this year is all dumb show. It’s a land war. So it didn’t matter whether Kingston or Perdue won. The result is already baked in the cake, by the success or failure of Democrats on the ground in getting people registered and energized.


Actually, the TP won runoffs all over the state of Georgia yesterday; ex, Loudermilk in 11th Congressional and Hice in 10th. These two are dyed in the wool Aikenites. Pure extract of awfulness. They will be in the next congress.

Perdue and Kingston, btw, each campaigned on the promise to out TP the TP. Neither is really TP. On the Pandering to Stupidity scale they were actually indistinguishable.

Their dialog has been SO stupid, in fact, I think we’ve all become permanently cross-eyed down here.

Overall, this runoff is a really sad and disturbing outcome.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate in Georgia has ticked up to 7.4% as our Gov proclaims the state the “Beacon of progress”. WTF??!! We’re quietly becoming the economic disaster that is Kansas.


If only chickens could vote. With a name like Perdue he would be sure to lose to a democrat.

Kingston use the same pollster as Eric Cantor.


Nunn is going to win this …and Jason Carter will win as Governor

As a Kansan, I empathize with you Georgians. The best that can be said of our situation is that the train wreck these radical right extremists have made of every opportunity they have been given to govern is going to put trickle-down, voodoo economics to sleep for a decade or two. Not kill it, because stupid is remarkably difficult to kill.

I just don’t see voters in Georgia ever understanding just how bad Republicans have been for business, much less their own economic well-being. They are just hard-wired Reaganistas.