Discussion: Bundy: Militia Men Take Defensive Position Over Fears Of Raid By Feds

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The FBI should have a drone circling over the compound 24X7. Make these paranoid nuts super-extra paranoid.


Just shoot them already.

Shit, you don’t even have to shoot all of them. Just one. These weekend warrior types go around fantasizing about getting into gunbattles like little kids. Suddenly, their Civil War re-enactments aren’t satisfying anymore, so they try to intimidate others with their real guns. You shoot just one of these guys, the rest will start crying.

Just don’t shoot Ritzie. That guy is huh-larious! (Actually, you know what? DO shoot Ritzie, but just like in the calf or something, while he’s sitting there eating his fruit roll-up. Let him ponder that “oath” of his while he’s hobbling around on a rubber foot for the next forty years.)

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fetal position and thumb sucking are defensive positions? have they checked to see if their diapers are buckled on tight?

and they need to be playing loud bad music…

maybe they can get whoever did the hatchet job on the Chuck Berry tune for that fucking hum commercial…

Somebody should place a warm pizza a few hundred feet upwind of ‘the defensive position’…

Thought this was interesting. Here’s a Google map of the refuge and the surrounding area I saw posted online on another site.

Not many places for them to go. Heh. Hunker down for winter boys…its gonna be a cold one.

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The name ‘Malheur’ is strangely close to the French adverb “malheureusement” (“Unfortunately”), is this a case of nominative determinism ?

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I would encourage a drone strike except that I don’t want the building damaged.

Fears? They all start polishing their guns a little faster just thinking about a raid by the feds. It’s what they want.

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They ARE stealthy. No one will ever think to look under the Blue Tarp:


What if you started a revolution and nobody came?


And every so often set off some firecrackers, just so they shit their overalls!

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        What if you started a revolution and nobody came?


"Everybody wants a revolution…but nobody wants to do the dishes!"


Finicum said the power was still on at buildings at the refuge. “If they cut it off, that would be such a crying shame. All the pipes would freeze,” he said.

Arizona rancher concerned about the pipes freezing? LaughingLoudly!

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…or drone-drop 'em.

Wow! A plow in the driveway. That’ll stop an attack from a Lexus or a Caddie. What about that helicopter thing? The Boyz are taking “defensive positions”…just like in a Rambo movie. I hope they have belts of 7.62 wrapped around their necks because that’s like a little black dress…never goes out of style.

What a flaming bunch of loser assholes!

They should understand what they’re up against. A sight like this might get them thinking.

Why waste money and effort on them ? Let them go cold and hungry, it is not exactly some strategic important place they have occupied…


Great minds. I posted something similar before reading the comments. Just one Apache staring them in the face would send them packing.