Discussion: Bundy Has A Surprisingly Nice Take On Undocumented Immigrants

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They would be happier as slaves tho. To the haciendas!

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He would say that. They work on his ranch…as his slaves.

Bundy Has A Surprisingly Nice Take On Undocumented Immigrants

I once had a boss who actually said, with a straight face and no sense of absurdity, “Pound fer pound, yer Mexican is yer hardest worker.”


And being undocumented, they work cheap too! The whole family does. The little ones get calves the size of cantelopes totin’ pails of water for my cattle.


Wonder what he pays them.

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Whoops! There goes his cred with the bagger base.

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and they work cheap, too. I pay them a bit more than what I pay for my grazing land.


I see his statements on immigrants as a testimony to ignorance. Like many people in the Southwest, he live up close and personal with undocumented people. He sees how hard they work and that they are not a threat. however, not black people have any interest in working out in the god-forsaken desert where Bundy lives. He sees them when the drives by their “government houses” and he knows the stereotypes from the media, so, in his ignorance, its easy to be racist against blacks.

So is he hiring them. I think so. Many of those ‘white ranchers’ are hiring them. So he is breaking really 2 laws. Yet the right-wing loves this guy, including anti-Immigrates


This is something one hears often in the West. Fact is, it seems, that people that come to this country to work, work. The only irony lies in the fact that deeply racist, anti-immigrant white people praise the work ethic of people they hire.

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I can’t wait to hear him tell us all about the Asians, the Italians, Greeks, Irish, French and of course the Jews, bet he has a lot to say about them…

Bundy loves Mexicans, because they work cheap and under the table, and because Mexico harbored his seditious fundamentalist LDS relatives when they got run out of this country for polygamy.

(much like Romney’s ancestors)

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Exactly as many have said. The people HE can exploit and enslave are sure happy down on his farm. But the people OTHERS should exploit and enslave trouble him because he doesn’t profit off of them, ergo they are takers. He doesn’t seem to think so highly of other White Folks not knowing how to make use of The Negroes, not when he’s got The Spanish figured out.

What a petty baron this guy is, enjoying his fiefdom.

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Someone really needs to tell this guy to stop digging.

He is never gonna get out of that hole…

What is he doing, trying to work out a trade between us “Negroes” and some “Spanish People”?

He attempting to become a commentator on the 2014 Racial Draft?

The right wing poop-o-sphere is apoplectic that he accidentally used a regular whistle instead of a dog whistle.

Oh is he of Mormon ancestry? I haven’t done a lot of homework on this guy. I was ignoring it until his several lectures on the subject of race.

Indeed sir, he is very much LDS, as are his ancestors:


Which kinda explains why Heller so vociferously defends him.

Lots and lots of LDS ranchers and farmers in rural Nevada.

Cheap or free labor is good for farmers and ranchers. The “Bracero Program” was set up for labor needed back in 1942. America has second and third generation voters from these undocumented workers.