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It’s hard to find anyone here who won’t talk shit about Brownback. It’s too bad they didn’t realize how little respect they had for him in November.


Is it just my imagination, or was there not once a time when “block grant” wasn’t Republican for “assfuck the poor?”


It’s classic TPM, selective outrage and selective amnesia. Marshall is as much to blame as the posters here. You’re just way too progressive. Get in line, love the banks!

Irony is lost on Conservatives, especially Tea-Baggers.
They are SO SURE of themselves that any kind of self-reflection (which irony demands to understand it) is out of the question.


That’s all she wrote!

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Hehe…good for her. I truly dunno how these people manage to stay so calm and unoffensive when they get presented with opportunities to do things like this, but she managed…an accomplishment in and of itself.


What unmitigated horseshit.

But then, that’s all we expect from you.


Personally I would have shit on his plate and iced it with a nice frothy spit covering.

“Waffles, with a side of Santorum!”

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She didn’t say whether she had voted for him, or not. That might have been the most obvious question on the planet, if we still had reporters…

Really? Let’s see … endless wars in six countries, worst inequality since GD, union participation single digits, shit jobs, nobody goes to jail … and all it get here is a great big yawn. Enjoyable site with smart posters but almost exclusively DLC Clinton Dems. Fine by me but let’s call it what is is. Meanwhile:

A U.S. military strike on Friday targeting fighters with the Islamic State has killed 52 civilians, including 7 children and 9 women, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Saturday.

According to the human rights watchdog group, an additional 13 Syrian civilians are missing following the attack on a village in the northern province of Aleppo. The deaths mark the highest civilian loss from a single attack since the U.S.-led coalition began its war against the Islamic State, or ISIS, in September 2014.

I know Thunder, keep clutching your pearls at the indignity of the anti-gay Indiana pizza girl! What did that thread get, 300 posts? This thread, ten posts?

Your point is valid but since you are disgusted by what TPM offers why do you keep coming here?

It’s kind of like going to a Vegan restaurant and complaining that you can’t get a burger there.

Makes no sense.


Hey, lots of laughs here also. So yeah I’ll eat a tofu salad with sunflower seeds in a Vegan restaurant if I can get a few laughs as I’m washing down my meal with seaweed juice (was drinking that 50 years ago when a competitive swimmer).

Can’t stay outraged all the time ya know.

I’m starting to love what America has turned into - sure, the forces of unhinged greed and willful ignorance are still powerful and scary, but I love that many everyday citizens still seem to have a great sense of what makes America itself great. It ain’t the greed or the willful ignorance - it’s people with common sense looking out for each other.

Umm, 10 posts seems like a lot for a server writing ¨tip the schools¨ on a receipt, dontcha think?

November was a Republican year, he had all the money the Koch brothers could shovel his way, and the Democratic party has essentially abandoned Kansas. He almost lost. Right now, to clean up a phrase I learned from a Kansan, if he caught on fire, it would be hard to find a Kansan willing to urinate on him to put it out.

I dont know, 300 posts 'cause an Indiana pizza girl waitress volunteers, said no way me or daddy gonna cater no pizza wedding for them … different people, 'cause God said so and it’s in the Bible… somewhere.

Well, we do have lots of experience looking the other way whenever WBC is out on any number of street corners here, spewing all of their BS. “Tolerance is a virtue,” however, may be coming to an end.

Brownback is so dumb, he couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel.