Discussion: Brian Williams Reports Live From The Moon, And Other Hits From #BrianWilliamsMisremembers

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And don’t forget this piece of nepotistic promotion: he flogged his daughter’s role as Peter Pan on an NBC special: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85P4kDchyyA

(I actually was first made aware of this last December when he did it again on his show the day of or before the televised production. The attached clip above was from the announcement of her pending role)

Brian Williams suddenly remembering that he lied is like getting the slap in the face that you’ve always had coming.

I guess that he can report the news and still juice up his own history without crossing the ethics barrier as a newsman? But, he fails in the public’s eye as a decent human being so I guess that means that he has crossed some ethics barriers?

Brian Williams is in deep linguini and he doesn’t have the fork for it. Good thing that he is a master chef and played pro dodgeball all those years before he was a Finnish carpenter and fireman. A Renaissance man, that is what we are really talking about here.

Didn’t he offer Mrs. Lincoln his handkerchief to apply to the gunshot wound?