Discussion: Brexit Fallout Spurs 7 UK Lawmakers To Split From Labour And Form New Party

ETTD, UK style.


Honda to stun ministers with closure of Swindon factory
The Japanese carmaker is expected to disclose plans to close its Swindon plant in 2022, Sky News can reveal.


Haha! Centrist Purists cry, stomp and take their ball home, ensuring that the government remains in the hands of the warring Tories on behalf of their billionaire masters…


The United Kingdom is screwed. They are on the verge of wrecking their economy with BREXIT. Their prime minister is thoroughly incompetent, and the leader of the opposition Labour Party is a nutjob.


They really are. And I agree about Theresa May too.


You look at them and wonder how in God’s name May and the Tories could remain in power after having led the country into this entire historic catastrophe, and then you realize ah, this is why. This time it’s the Howard Schultz contingent, but that’s just this one.

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I don’t get why they don’t hold another referendum. Russia (and Trump) clearly had its fingers on the scales during the first vote…

Is it a matter of the EU not letting them stay?

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No it’s a matter of Theresa May. She won’t do it. She is pro-Brexit.


On the bright side if the GBP drops equal to or even blow the USD I might finally go to Wimbledon

Brightside for me, the UK is screwed


Not that I like or support May but I think the situation is less black and white and much more subtle.

Part of the reluctance is that the adherents of the two factions, Remain and Leave, have become entrenched and immovable in their beliefs (similar to the hyperpartisan problem we have).

If they do another referendum, there is absolutely no guarantee that it will be anything other than just as narrow as the last vote. Even if “Remain” comes out on top, the main argument of the Remainers has been that the vote was very, very close, hence, it should be re-done. But what if a new referendum comes out with the same split, except the two sides have switched? Now, the Leavers will cry, rightly, that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and the first vote is still as valid as the second one. So maybe there should another new one with a “best two out of three”…“three out of five”…

The only way this would be resolved is if there would be a landslide in the Remain direction, but there are not any indications that that will happen. And the fallout from a very close second referendum could exacerbate an already bad situation.

They’ve got themselves in a right bloody mess over there, and there’s no easy way out.



JK Rowling among secret breakaway Labour group ‘planning new anti-Corbyn party

I watched the Brexit: The Uncivil War movie this weekend. While highly dramatized, the parallels to our own election is frightening. One of the themes that caught me was the when the Remain Team realized that the opposition’s campaign “started 20 years ago” - stirring up underlying hatred and distrust.


Y’know I really can’t follow this BREXIT shit probably because we have our own bullshit mountain in this country to contend with, but I guess I don’t understand why they’re aren’t holding non-stop hearings with their intelligence services, specifically related to the BREXIT vote involving Russian interference in manipulating the entire thing and pushing its advocates to the fore. Most of those characters advocating for BREXIT are what I’d call tRumpian at best with the same swamp mentality.

Before that, the UK wasn’t even in the ballpark thinking about leaving the EU in any serious way. It would seem having on-going hearings would put some emphasis on how fucked up those secret plans by Putin were employed by Russia in order to weaken the UK as well as the overall EU compact. Isn’t that important going forward? Doesn’t that have a lot to do with the legitimacy of the whole BREXIT vote? I don’t know. Like I said, I haven’t been keeping up on it like I should. Maybe they’ve already had hearings and decided it wasn’t enough somehow to negate the vote…


I have to agree - nothing is ever that simple to start with. And you laid the situation out clearly. But if I was May I would give them every chance to take it back just the same. If they didn’t then ok. But man, they are poised to lose so much - their economy, Ireland, Scotland - it seems so epic to me that another vote is hardly that much to ask.


Yeah, I have a nice young colleague down the hall who is a Brit. Her sister is married to a guy from Manchester (coal country) and it’s like WV – they don’t wear red caps but they are all crazy-ass Leavers and cut from the same cloth as the Trumpsters. Samantha says her sister just never opens her mouth, and they never talk politics when they visit.


And in 3, 2, 1…


Tom Watson, the deputy leader of the Labour party, echoed Collins’s statement, saying: “This is the first evidence that a significant player in the Leave.EU campaign is of interest to the global Mueller inquiry. People will be bewildered that the British government has no interest in establishing the facts of what happened.”


Britain is as divided as we are.

And they can thank the same person for it - Putin.


Despite having no idea whether this breakaway will have any effect on Brexit, I’m glad to see it. One reason Brits have been riding the Tory train to disaster is because of the broadly held view that Corbin and the current Labour Party are an unacceptable alternative.


Its like the same gameplan for the UK that Russia used on them, with similar objectives (weakening their alliances) and singling out any politician that could be coerced with enticements (of some sort, yet to be determined). I can’t understand why the UK is moving forward on this illegitimate bullshit. We had a vote here and we know now how the vote was compromised, interfered with and perhaps even illegitimately micro-targeted by a foreign entity.

They have their own Muellers there, don’t they? And far less opposition to getting down to the truth I would think.