Discussion: BREAKING: U.S. Capitol On Lockdown

She wouldn’t have even made it to the Rayburn Building if her taillight was out.


Guns are too prevalent in America.

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Guns are America.


What does tweet saying the gallery was " distributed" mean?

Remember, kids, what Uncle Wayne LaPierre says:

An armed society is a polite society.

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“Oh my goodness! I wuz’ sure I left em’ all at home. I must have forgotten one. I took the guns out of my car just before I drove over.”


I think it means the press gallery was doing the distributing?

The Twitter message with the word “distributed” in it is referring to the document displayed above it, which was “distributed” from the Capitol Police.

Well, Pete Sessions is doing an interview from the Capitol, so I dunno how ‘locked down’ it is right now…

That interview was recorded earlier.

Nope, he’s being asked about the lockdown. Lockdown’s over.

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All this rigmarole over a little ol’ gun? I thought guns didn’t kill people.


He’s the ‘man of the hour’ because Dallas is his district. I am sure that somehow the wienies in the Capital are ‘convinced’ that the next group of shooters are after THEM because after all it’s always all about them. Anxiously waiting to hear WHY there was a ‘lockdown’.

Thank you for clarifying

All good Pubbies know that we wouldn’t have these problems like Dallas and the Capitol lockdown if everybody was carrying a few guns.

Well she was in one of the buildings where it might do some good. An up close and personal with her gun might have jump started gun control legislation.