Discussion: Brazen Attacks In Jakarta Leave 5 Gunmen, 2 Others Dead

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Indonesia is a nightmare to secure, with hundred of islands spread over a thousand miles, and a sprawling, diverse population ruled with an iron fist by Oligarchs who use Islam as a hammer against anyone who opposes their despotic rule. You can come and go from just about any part of it with ease and without detection.
It is a perfect cauldron of hate and fear for ISIL to recruit in.

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Fortunately the terrorists seemed kind of dim. Two suicide bombers rushing one guy?

I hope you are wrong.

Seems to me that Indonesian Muslims don’t face the social isolation experienced by Muslims in the West, aren’t (except in a few areas) likely to sense community support for the goals and activities of ISIS, and don’t find the Sunni-Shiite rivalry very relevant to their lives. Someone who actually knows something about the topic might have very different impressions, though.