Discussion: Boy Scouts Could Be Hit With More Sex Abuse Allegations

Boy Scouts Could Be Hit With More Sex Abuse Allegations

“Be Prepared!”


Sorry. There are circumstances where humor isn’t really appropriate, even if it is clever. I think this may be one of those.


Wasn’t intended as a joke, but I take your point.


“Both the church and the Boy Scouts are iconic, historically well-respected institutions now known as having been magnets for pedophiles trying to exploit the trust of boys and their parents.”

No, they are historically known as having been magnets for pedophiles trying to exploit the trust of boys and their parents.


I’m in my seventies. I was abused by the Asst. Scoutmaster and his older-than-me(and Order of the Arrow!)son way back when I was 12 years old. The pain and disruption of my life, even after many years of therapy of all sorts, appears to be permanent and omnipresent. Even now, rememberings of what happened then, which I could not think about or talk about until I was in my fifties, come flooding suddenly into my consciousness with awful pain, guilt and shame. Damn the BSA.

On the other hand, the Scouts taught me, a nice suburban Jewish boy, about the outdoors, which has been my joy and successful career.


Why is this organization, one that is the backbone of American morality and has instilled righteousness and proper values in so many of our impressionable youth that are so often led astray by others, always being so vilified by rumors and innuendo?
I say the Boy Scouts of America are only second to the Catholic Church in their love of the boys of America!


If only!

If the BSA had been “historically known as having been magnets for pedophiles trying to exploit the trust of boys and their parents,” then way fewer parents would have let their sons become Boy Scouts in the first place.

It’s the fact that they weren’t widely known for this in the past, that has allowed the organization to thrive for so long, even as pedophiles used the BSA as a field of opportunity.


Actually I think they heard about it but chose not to believe. Self-deceiving could be more convincing. I mean, after Boston Globe’s Spotlight, how many parents still trust the Catholic church?


Not surprising

As someone who has been involved in Scouting all my life, it pains me to see the organization painted in this light. BSA goes to great lengths to train its adult leaders and to ensure that young men (and now young women) are not put in positions in which they could be harmed. Redundant adult supervision and carefully planned activities mitigate the risk of compromising our youth. I still believe it’s the best thing going for young people, and while I do hope that those who have suffered are taken care of, I hope the organization survives.


You were a kid. The guilt and shame belong to the abuser.

Thanks for speaking about it. I’m grateful you are able to. Be well.


My dad told me to not even think of joining the Scouts because of the molestation allegations…and this was back in the 60s…


Ever since the Catholic Church scandals have been news since the 90’s and the Boy Scouts previous and current issues I’ve wondered why the Girl Scouts have been fairly scandal free. Woman run? Solid organization? Or just the cookies.


The irony is that over the years the Boy Scouts have become better and better at identifying and separating themselves from pedophiles. They have become ever more aware of establishing practices that protect children from abusers.

Trump’s family separation policy which involves sending unprotected children to unregulated, poorly trained for profit “charity” facilities should concern all of us. Those pedophiles who have been turned away by the Scouts, the Y and the Boys and Girls Clubs will naturally gravitate to for profit camps owned and run by evangelical bottom feeders supporting Trump.


So, jeeze. It’s come to this.

Men commit crimes decades ago. They happen to be wearing a uniform at the time.

It’s the fault of the people that designed the uniform, not the men committing the crime, presumably because the people that designed the uniform have more money.

Let’s see if this continues when the money runs out, because the lawyers putting up the national advertising campaign may see less priority here when the spigot runs dry.

BSA’s Two-Deep policy was released much earlier than virtually any other organizations’, and has proven to be a model for organizations that followed. Prior to that their Black Book policy, that frankly was a little bit unconstitutional but addressed the problem, was in place for a couple of decades, at a time when this was not headlines in a 24 hour news cycle.

The people that ran the organization prior to either of these policies are almost assuredly dead, as they would have been in their fifties 45 years ago.

But the organization still exists, and has a revenue stream. Therefore there’s a source of income for lawyers that were never Boy Scouts, may have not even been alive prior to these safety policies being in place.

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I wouldn’t think the danger to girl scouts is any less than the danger to boy scouts. Nearly all scout leaders, men and women, are decent people working to protect the kids, but pedophiles come in both sexes and seem to know how to exploit any situation. My guess is the Girl Scouts have been relatively scandal free because they don’t do camping or other activities that expose girls to one on one situations with leaders. That will change as the Girl Scouts continue to evolve to meet the needs of modern young women.

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Yeah, that’s exactly my impression as well. BSA has taken the lead on this issue for decades now. Had other organizations been as proactive there would have been a lot less victims.

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Oh no, the reason the Girl Scouts haven’t had the same level of legal action taken against them is that their finances are a mess. Lawyers don’t start national advertising campaigns to sue an organization with no money.


With all due respect, that’s BS, peddled by late night cable news and lawyers looking to run class-action lawsuits.

I’m an old man and I still get respect when people hear I’m an Eagle Scout. I have parents of boys come to me to tell me how their kids are doing in Scouting, proud as hell.

Boy Scouts are well respected, and for good reason. Their Two-Deep policy is one more point of leadership in how they do business, a model that is copied by many other youth organizations now.