Discussion: Bosnian Serbs Erect Statue To Duke Who Ignited WWI

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Someone is in need of a proof-reader or copy-editor, as this phrase clearly shows.

“The two evidence testify to the depth of lingering divisions”


TOTALLY misleading headline: Princip wasn’t a “Duke”


Reverse engineering the headline: “princip” = “duke”, eh?


I know I’ll catch flack here but Serbs are the Tea Party dead-enders of Europe. Hot-headed xenophobes with visions of overcoming ancient lost causes and battles, remerging with a glory that never was.


Epically bad story, go figure.

Wasilla Kardashian is now writing headlines and copy? Only way to explain this tossed salad of words.


There is a reason that ‘balkanize’ has become a transitive verb.

It’s right here in this headline. Undying tribalism that will never die, no matter how many generations come and go. It’s what the Republican party has become. It’s where membership under a shared identity token trumps every other value or human consideration. And it’s the purest manifestation of ‘Anti-Christian’ for those who care about metaphysical fables.


Seems like a textbook case of erectile dysfunction.

I have to echo other commenters; this story is epically bad! Shame on you TPM, hire some copy editors.

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It’s not really tribalism. The various groups that once comprised Yugoslavia were, are diverse. Until Tito’s demise, that part of Eastern Europe had been held together by three different strongman central powers for, what, two-hundred years? How is it different than Iraq?

In other news, the Republican state legislatures of several Southern states have announced that they are using the scrap metal from closed public schools to erect a huge statue of John Wilkes Booth…


Jesus, what an embarrassing editorial trainwreck this story and its headline are. I can’t believe they haven’t been fixed yet. On this website run by a guy with graduate degrees in history.


Well, didn’t that say they were hiring a Headline Writer? If they did, we can expect more wild ones in the future.

Then what defines ‘balkanization’ other than tribalism? From the Merriam-Webster dictionary:

trib·al·ism noun -bə-ˌli-zəm
: loyalty to a tribe or other social group especially when combined with strong negative feelings for people outside the group

That’s the very definition of tribalism - being unable to see past your own identity to have common cause with others. Force imposed by outside powers is the only thing keeping a lid on fighting; once one group is in power, they feel the need to inflict suffering on people not of the tribe for wrongs committed by their ancestors when they were the ones in charge decades or centuries ago, and the cycle perpetuates.

Wow. This story is an insult to a complicated piece of history, both recent and long-passed. … and geography, BTW. Far as I recall there is no Serb part of Sarajevo, just a suburban area generally populated by Serbs.

It IS a trainwreck of an article, but it’s not Josh’s or TPM’s fault; it’s an AP story they picked up.

It’s a good thing everyone involved will remain nameless.

Good lord, this is News copy? They didn’t even mention his name.
Must be against their "Princip-al"s
Who do they get to write this stuff? It has all the depth of a pie pan!