Discussion: Booker Tells Supporters He's Raised Over $5 Million In Two Months

Not enough to compete for the long haul but hopefully he can stay in through the debates. I like Booker, he’s more empathetic than most politicians and has a real passion for helping people in my opinion. Not sure 2020 is his moment (mostly due to some real and some perceived centrism which InstaOutrages™ the louder elements of the progressive wing of the party) but he has time, I hope he continues to run as I think he’d be an excellent President.


It’s crazy how $5 million isn’t really all that much. Takes way too much money to run a successful campaign. Plus it’s too long, well over a year of this.


On the positive side, most of the current Dem candidate field is not familiar at all to the voting public at large, which is why polling right now is mainly just name recognition with Biden and Bernie at the top.

A long primary period gives the lesser-known candidates time to raise their profiles ahead of the debates. With 20 candidates debating in two separate groups of 10, every bit of name recognition will help before they get on stage.


What you say is the bitter truth. All of it.

I more think the debates constitute the primary way for candidates to raise their profiles and they can’t start too soon. June 26-27 will be a great help in beginning to narrow the field and providing some focus.

Let the games begin.

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For 2020, over a billion dollars will be spent pursuing a job that doesn’t have that great a paycheck. (It seems at first glance like a bad investment, except that the wealthy keep getting their tax breaks, which probably more than cover the investment.)

I’m not particularly fond of the super long process. I’d much prefer a 1 year limit, start November 2019, end November 2020.

I remember years back John Oliver covered a UK election and it was something like 4 weeks started to finish. To me that’s way to short but, I think in the US we spend too long on the election process.

This is absolutely true, and Biden is self destructing in front of our eyes. He played coy for too long, doesn’t have the money or the personnel to shepherd a campaign or frankly at 77 the smarts to recognize the party’s moved on without him.

All the top notch campaign advisors went with other people long ago, and then there’s the slight matter of the Thomas hearing. He also has a mixed record on reproductive rights and hasn’t reached to any of leaders on those issues, include Cecile Richards.

Maybe it’s because it’s Monday,but the lack of replies appears to mirror the enthusiasm for his candidacy.