Discussion: Bombing Suspect’s Father Called Him Terrorist In Recanted Police Statement

Hey, at least Gary “Aleppo” Johnson is still on top of some things, but apparently its only his bong.

Gary Johnson Makes Another Blunder on Live TV

Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson has gotten himself in hot water yet again after claiming “nobody got hurt” in the recent attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota.


Just your enhanced-basic familial dysfunction, nothing more.

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Hmm, what other words shouldn’t you use when you’re in a rage at someone, lest you and they end up on a watch list?

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This one seems to be right up TPM’s alley. Mr. Marshall’s raison d’etre is cleaning the bullshit off MSM “products” so they can be understood and the truth known. From what I get it seems the Mr. Kahn called his kid a terrorist 2 years ago when the boy stabbed his brother. “you are acting like a terrorist” or “You are a terrorist”. Something like that. Then he called the cops. But it doesn’t seem he told the cops he thought his son was a terrorist or that he thought his son was an aspiring one. So as best as I can piece it together the “terrorist” thing he yelled at his kid was hyperbole and was never said to the cops. Is that it?