Discussion: Boehner Reportedly Urged Gowdy To Run For Majority Leader In Secret Meeting

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John Boehner suggesting Trey Gowdy run for speaker is a lot like Bill Clinton suggesting Donald Trump run for President.


Boehner’s revenge! Well played. Hope it’s true.

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Somethings off with this guy’s looks. Like, why doesn’t he have pointy ears, two braids, and a crossbow? The woodland elves miss their fearless leader.

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John: 3-5 And thou shall anoint thy scalp with butchwax.


Trey Gowdy, majority leader, working to get some votes:

If he’d bring his banjo along we’d at least get some entertainment out of the deal.

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I think it is more organic than that. Such as perhaps a penchant for alcohol (Boehner’s drinking buddy??) or other substances. His skin is dusky, and his eyes are redenned. His hair style is just an attempt to look younger (it doesn’t help).

“Butchwax.” Ya gotta be a certain age to have hauled out that one. ; )

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“Chairman Gowdy is focused on the Benghazi Committee and will serve in that capacity up until the 2016 elections and through 2020, if Mrs. Clinton wins," the spokeswoman said. “He appreciates the confidence of his colleagues and looks forward to tonight’s Conference discussion.”


Is uncontrollable winking a fetal alcohol tell?

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Pink and gooey…screams GOP manly don’t it?


Gowdy’s sister is also urging Trey to run:

I don’t know why Trey Gowdy would drop out of running for the Speaker. He has the 3 most important words in the Tea Party lexicon down cold: “Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!”

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…as if I needed another reason to dislike Boehner.

Gowdy reminds me of the character in the Cold Blood movie, Richard Hickok. Every time I see his picture I find myself thinking about that damn movie.

Congressman Gowdy has a full time job for as far as the eye an see. It’s called Bengazi. But I hear Representative Issa is available.

Why, every time I see this guy, do I hear banjos?