Discussion: Boehner On EPA Rules: 'President's Plan Is Nuts'

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WHY John? WHY is this ‘nuts’? For God’s sake. Stop with the constant hyperbole. And your JOBS meme? This is getting just a tad bit tired when you don’t DO anything to ensure them.


Yes John, where are the jobs that your party ran on in 2010? Next, these rules are more likely than not to spur job growth not hinder it you moron.

The Natural Resources Defense Council sponsored research showing that a larger 2020 cut— 25 percent below 2005 levels — would actually save consumers $37 billion while creating over 200,000 jobs.

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Dear John, you’re nuts. Sincerely, Mike

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Okay, so we’ve gone from Republicans suggesting cap and trade over traditional regulation, to Republicans calling their former position “nuts”.

John, before you call anyone else nuts, take a look in the mirror at your own.


Duck dynasty speech, bitching about the POW release, opposition to environmental protections, fanatical gun rights rhetoric: this must be a new record for the number of swords the GOP is actively attempting to fall on!

The American people may be able to go around Boehner. Let him and people like him repeat talking points. It’s what he does for a living. The video below is instructive. It looks very optimistic. Of course, there will be naysayers who will point out that paving all of the roads in America with solar panels is too costly and ambitious.

HOWEVER, parking lots and other paved areas with large expanses are fair game. In addition, municipalities and other large entities can get in on this. I would not be surprised if a lot of municipalities in Blue states get in on this…


Obama has really got the GOP puffing and blowing in the past few weeks what with CO2 reduction, Bowe Bergdahl, the continuing success of the ACA, etc. It’s almost as if he’s feeding their rage by leaving them impotent as he figures out ways to make end-runs around them. It’s almost as if he is finally embracing FDR’s “I welcome their hatred…” speech; daring them to impeach him.

Or perhaps Inspector Kemp:

“‘Wait. A riot is an ungly thing. And I think it is just about time that we had one.’”

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What made you talk about jobs now, Congressman? You haven’t cared too much about 'em for what, eight years now?

This from one of the largest nuts in the GOP factory.

Clearly, what was really needed here was another round of tax cuts for rich people.

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Go for it John. Let fast food companies burn coal to prepare fried school lunches. That’ll show 'em.

I couldn’t help but notice that water is intruding onto the streets of both Miami and Norfolk. According to the WaPo, a Norfolk museum has already had to move all of it’s HVAC equipment and several exhibits from the basement and lower levels to prepare against rising water.


and in today’s other shocking news …


What “scheme” was that which was rejected 4 years ago…? The cap and trade plan the GOP have pushed for almost a decade and then suddenly flip-flopped on when a black Democrat was elected POTUS?

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Kicked in some cash to them two weeks ago.


Solar FREAKING roadways!

Two quick observations on Mr. Boehner’s response:

  1. By criticizing everything, and I mean everything, the president does, all GOP/TEA reactions to this presidents handling of anything are worthless. Of course the GOP/TEA will complain, they complain about everything. They have effectively lost all credibility, excepting their TP base.

  2. “Where are the jobs Mr. president”! That is Boehner’s response to everything. I mean everything! BTW, I’m looking forward to Fridays May job numbers. They should be pretty good again.

I just did as well. What the hell, they might actually get this to work.

Listening to Boehner \ˈbō-nər\ is like hearing a drunken broadcast or ‘War of the Worlds’.

Thanks for your reply and your support. I would like to add an observation about this entire project.

It is obvious that the video is meant to engender enthusiasm about solar technology on roadways and parking lots ALONG WITH ENTHUSIASM AND SUPPORT FOR THE MAIN ORIGINATORS OF THE TECHONOLGY. The video is self-serving, to be sure, but I knew that going in. The question is…can we see beyond that?

That being said, I was still amazed by the tenor of those who were critical of the project. We all know that such a project would require “Manhattan Project” type of coordination and effort. Yet, if one were to look at those who criticize the project, he or she would come across an almost gleeful, cynical negativism.

Even if the entire project could be non-tenable at this time, there are ways in which the technology can be used on a smaller scale, with dramatic results. Moreover, like Occupy, this type of thing speaks to the avenue of going around the Republican clowns in Congress–until it’s time to vote them out in November.
Until that happens, we register people to vote and prepare to get them to the polls. BUT, what we also do in the meantime is put more public pressure on both those IN Congress, along with the do-nothing Main Stream Media, to the reality that life in the United States involves real people with life and death struggles to survive-- NOT the batting of Bagger talking points back and forth.