Discussion: Boehner 'All In' To Be Speaker Again

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None of the “hell no” caucus want to see him as Speaker … or do the heavy lifting to install a Speaker more to their liking … so sadly enough it’s Cryin’ John and two more years of inaction :crying_cat_face:

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“All in” … what? Exactly?

Do you have any idea how much work it’ll be to move all those empties to a smaller office?


Hensarling is most definitely going to make a run against Boehner. The question is, in the wheelings and dealings that have been going on behind the scenes while filling the Majority Leader and Whip positions, did the tea party make enough deals to beat Boehner?

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YUCK! I hope not! Most ineffective Speaker EVER!!

He left out “the most ineffective speaker in the history of congress” part.

Major funding for the Boner campaign was provided by the Jack Daniels Corporation, Seagrams, and Beauty Department®, makers of Man Tan™…

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Actually, if he was more effective, we’d be in more trouble than we already are.

Did the TPM staff intentionally juxtapose the “stuck in sculpture” article and this “Boehner is in” headline?