Discussion: Bloomberg Will Endorse Clinton In Speech At Democratic Convention

Great! Now I know who to vote for. I’d been waiting to hear from Mike.

For the first time this election season, a real billionaire will be addressing a convention.


I know this will drive Bernie’s supporters up the wall, but having Bloomberg endorse Clinton is a BFD (as Biden would say). He’s really one of the good guys in GOP politics (he stood up for those who wanted to build a mosque near the WTC memorial). This also gives a powerful counter narrative to Trump’s “I alone can fix the economy because I’m so rich” BS.

This also likely draws in the suburban women who can’t stand trump, but were on the fence about Clinton. In such a close election, that’s important.


I am pleasantly surprised. He will bring a useful voice to the debate.

I hope Michael Flynn is allowed to give the response for Trump, live and unedited.


Yeah but Trump won’t tax soda LOL GO TRUMP /s

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Good on ya, Michael.

Bloomberg could spike the ball on Trump simply, eloquently, and with emphasis.

Bloomberg to the nation:

"If your 401k, investment, and home values have risen since 2012?
Do not vote for Donald Trump.
It’s why I won’t."



Nice. I like Bloomberg.

Horrible choice, the anti-gun control groups will see this as further proof that HRC is anti-2nd Ammendment, and cause many one issue voters to vote for the draft dodging coward and asshole loser,Trump.

Bloomberg has been heavily involved in everytown.org, a gun safety advocacy group, and he’ll probably include his work with that group during his speech. Cities and states realize Congress will do nothing for reasons we all understand, and it’s up to states and localities to act. There was a shooting last night in Fort Myers Fla. but it seems to have become the new normal so we’re not even talking about it yet.

@wagonmound It’s the right wing and all her opponents who tell us she is anti-Second Amendment. More people than ever in this country including gun owners want something done about the insane number of guns out there that anyone can gets his hands on. Obama wanted to take guns away too, if you remember, it didn’t happen. The right wing infects everyone that way.


The Anti-Gun Control groups see the sun rising in the morning as proof that Hillary Clinton wants to take away their guns. I think that is one group we can say we are not real concerned about trying to pander to. It would be like Al Gore trying to pander to the hard line Cuban Exile community on Elian Gonzalez. It would be like trying to teach a pig to read.


Because nothing says I’m for the middle class like being endorsed by a billionaire media mogul.

Bloomberg hasn’t been a Republican since 2007.

As long as he doesn’t speak Spanish…