Discussion: Bloomberg To Drop $80M On Midterms To Help Democrats Flip The House

Pat Toomey is my crappy senator. Thanks for nothing, Mr. Bloomberg. And I don’t need more millionaires and billionaires telling the 99% who to vote for. Take your money and shove it.

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Bye Bye Bye to all those NJ R’s in the NYC and Philly media markets.

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What about the SENATE?

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And while Bloomberg said he plans to support some GOP gubernatorial candidates

If any of those are in states where governors have a say on redistricting, then Bloomberg is still part of the problem.

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And he expects what in return?
I know lol

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That’s the attitude! Dump on the guy who’s trying to bring parity to a situation where the Kochs (and Adelson and Mercer etc) are going to spend 10s of millions on Rs. Just like it says in the reporting. And goddamn that Pelosi woman who raises millions to give out to her Democratic caucus to help retain their seat. Get a grip.

@bluinmaine What does he expect in return? Clue me in. He pours tons of his own money into anti-gun campaigns. How does this announcement of him parting with millions make him a bad guy.


I spent Sunday evening in a thread elsewhere with an alt-left Purity Person.

This person said they want Ds to not win in 2018 to “teach them a lesson.”

The lesson is to give him what he wants (i.e. Perfect Purity and reject big dollars from “the oligarchs”) so get his vote.

He is perfectly willing do to this despite 2018 being the last chance to rein in Trump.

He is willing to hold our Republic hostage to get what he wants regardless that Perfect Purity candidates aren’t that electable.

He is no different than Trump. #horseshoetheory

ETA: Gahddess help us if he’s in a significant minority.


Glad you took on a purity person. I don’t understand it. Some Dems voted for trumPP as a protest against Clinton (maybe it was because we were being told she was definitely, absolutely, positively going to win, so it wouldn’t be a problem), but that’s what happens when purity replaces pragmatism. Money as a concept is embedded in EMILY’s List: Early Money Is Like Yeast. It grows. Like it or not, we need money from billionaires. They’re the ones who have it.


I’ve encountered “there’s no difference between a R and a D” people even last year.

In this person’s case their sole criteria was determining sameness is that Rs are fascists and Ds are the party of Third Way e.g. Wall St e.g. US Oligarchs.

No understanding of political realities and contexts since the 80s.

No sense of pragmatism - became furious with me when I pointed out that IMHO when faced with candidate from party who is threat to Republic that one has duty to vote for the candidate who has best shot of defeating that candidate.

Finally realized this person reminded me of my children when young and they didn’t want to acknowledge an unpleasant Reality.

This is #WhitePrivilege through and through - from my understanding PoC and other vulnerable groups have been pragmatically voting like their lives depend on it because they have too. Purity Voters have the luxury of voting their “principles.”

Forget which user it was, but she (he?) relayed a conversation with an indifferent family member who seemed to think what difference does an incompetent, corrupt president make. Next time we’ll vote for a different president and he’ll turn those thing around.

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I didn’t even come close to suggesting he is a bad guy.
As a lifetime native New Yorker , except for the last 6 years or so,
Bloomberg never gives without receiving something in return, usually gets it’s paid forward before he writes the check.
Categories ? to many to list. That is why he is so friggin rich. lol
He is good at what he does, unlike the idiot pretending to be president.

The Democratic party needs billionaires like Bloomberg. If he’s asking for something from the part of from voters in return for his $80 million contribution, I’m not aware of it. The Kochs donate billions and demand something in return and usually get it from the gutless wonders in Congress and in statehouses. See: Paul Ryan and Scott Walker.

FYI from long term Democratic party operative


[Bloomberg will bankroll] advertising on television, online and in the mail for Democratic candidates in a dozen or more congressional districts, chiefly in moderate suburban areas where Mr. Trump is unpopular. Democrats need to gain 23 congressional seats to win a majority.