Discussion: Blankenship's Senate Bid Blocked Due To West Virginia's 'Sore Loser' Law

Bummer, splitting the lunatics off on election day would have been hilarious. Not to mention how much I enjoyed his campaign ads.


Blankenship’s supporters need not stand for this, and must show their support by staying home election day and smoking a carton of Winstons.



The reality is, this man should be forever placed in a hermetically sealed chamber sucking up coal dust for the rest of his life.

All states should have a law that restricts any convicted criminal from running for office. And btw, he should have been charged with a felony. How he ever managed to get off on a misdemeanor and only serve one year in prison is what’s most outrageous about him. He’s a fucking murderer!

He should not be running for a government job where the first thing he’d do is enrich himself, and last thing he’d do is the actual grunt work of public service.


Just to pre-empt the inevitable “Joe Manchin is not progressive enough” comment I wanted to put this here.

According to the handy 538 “Trump score”, Manchin is 6th best in the Senate in terms of the difference between how often he votes with Trump and how much one would predict he would vote with Trump based on the 2016 margin in his state, between Tammy Baldwin (#7) and Doug Jones (#5).


If it takes votes away from the Republican, then I fully support Blankenship’s candidacy.

Go Blanky!!!

Hey, rhymes with Spanky!!!


Given the uneven and often racist ways our legal system opperates I’m not sure that is a good idea. After they have served their time people should be free to fully participate in the democratic process again.


I’d chip in to support a write in campaign.


We needed that in Connecticut in 2006 so we could’ve elected a real Democratic Senator Lamont instead of Joe Lieberman.


Must disagree here. Such would have preempted Eugene V. Debs. Not really a good idea.


I know I am not supposed to assess a person based on looks, but every picture I’ve ever seen of him, including his own campaign ads, he looks like a reanimated Nazi camp commandant who was/should have been hung at Nuremberg.

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Blankenship should run a vigorous write-in campaign. He still wouldn’t win (one hopes), but could certainly sink the Gooper. Lisa Murkowski actually won re-election in 2010 via write-in, as did Strom Thurmond in 1954.


A year for taking 29 lives?

What’s that, about 12 and a half days for every death he caused?


At least he can go back to managing wrestlers:


personal opinion: the asshole should still be in jail

having said that, and I’m NOT a lawyer, I don’t see how a law like the WV law could possibly be Constitutional… you shouldn’t be able to keep someone from running anymore than you can should be able to keep someone from voting…

as someone pointed out… it would also draw votes away from the Republican candidate…


Yahoo mountain dew! Convicted felons in the Senate! THESE are surely the “interesting” times of Chinese proverb…

Blankenship should file a lawsuit. Sore loser laws will soon be found unconstitutional.

Let him run.

Pass the popcorn.

I presume that that debacle prompted many of these laws, although I don’t know the legislative history.